#Youlookdisgusting: Yes You Do! But…….

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“Three months ago, I began posting images of myself without makeup on social media. The following film contains real comments that were left on images of my face.”


#Youlookdisgusting: Yes You Do! But Only If you believed them all.

This video is not only about Em, it about all of us who believe we lack something or the other in life.

This video reminds me of a friend, who most of the times photoshops her images to hide her acne marks. I understand why she does that, she believes its important for her. I once even made a statement which freaked her out. I asked her, “Why do you do it? It’s OK. Let it be the way you are.” I received an anger swift response, “I would have not done it if my face was clear.” I didn’t want to drag the heating up conversation. On my way back home, I wondered what made her take the trouble of editing her photos? Did it make her happy? Did she do it to  Did she want to please the society? Had she fallen to the misconception of beauty?

It somewhere made sense to believe it was her definition of beauty which pushed her to do something like this. And who encouraged her to pick that definition amidst others definitions of beauty?  Was it the people around? It would be absolutely wrong to put people in the bad frame here because at least it is the 90% of her believes and lets say to the maximum 10% of people’s opinion mattered for her to set up the definition of beauty.

I agree, closely up to 10% of people’s opinion affects us somehow or the other, they drive us crazy, sets standards, compares us, puts us in dilemma, motivates us to choose an uncomfortable path, troubles us and even tortures us. Ya it does all the things and yet remains in its 10%. But yes, needless to mention, the 90%(The YOU) still remains greater than the 10%. And it’s frightful to surrender our 90% to please the mere 10%.

(I had no intentions to confuse you with percentages here. I was trying to reiterate and reassure that YOU are always on the major side and society at the minor side. And yes as per the simple rule of life, majority should win.)

No matter what you do, how you do and why you do, there will be someone or the other to point out something. It makes absolute sense to say that If you are spending too much time in living up to other’s standards then you are highly missing out to live it up to your own.

3 thoughts on “#Youlookdisgusting: Yes You Do! But…….

  1. It’s true 🙁 Many of the people are actually living a life defined by others to please them. There is no definition of beauty indeed, rather it depends upon the observer’s viewpoint. At least one of them will always belittle you. Much awakening post. 🙂

  2. Right! People nowadays are easily influenced. Being what we are and doing what we feel like doing always gives us hearty happiness. Very important message to the society, expecially Indians (We have a huge cosmetics market).

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