You’ll get the same thing if you do what you’ve always done!

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Hard work is highly overrated in the society. The moment something wrong happens, people have made sure and pointed out publically and said – ‘you didn’t work hard enough’. Did any of them take a moment and think that there could be other reasons as well as to why things did not work out, maybe the strategy was wrong, the understanding of the requirements of a project was wrong, the timing was wrong. There are a whole set of reasons as to why something may not work. It is absolutely insane to point it out on one factor.

Doesn’t it sound like an insane idea which the society does? Well lets leave the society aside for a while now. Do we do it in our personal lives as well? I am sure our lives are extremely challenging and sometimes some are bigger than we can bite into. The question is – how do we handle these? Of course we realize that some of the solutions which we had tried in the past have not worked. Does that mean we are still going to try it out even then? Perseverance is a great thing no doubt but that doesn’t mean that we are going to do the same thing again. Success cannot be a dogged hard work. It has to be something smarter than that. It has to be something which brings out the originality in you. And in this case originality might be as simple as trying out different strategies to solve that challenge. The way we see it, it need not be hard work all the time, a little smartness does take you a long way!


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