You Have to Believe in Yourself When No one else Does – Venus Williams

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Self Belief!

I believe I am the most powerful person on earth, I can do everything I can put my mind up to and if I am serious about it, I will make sure that it is going to work for me.

Well the above statement is a belief – it is a different question as to whether it is the universal truth or not. But it is a belief, no one else has to feel the same way about it, but that doesn’t change my perception. This is a choice and I would like to live with this belief as a choice.

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You have to believe in yourself when no one else does – Venus Williams

When I read this quote –

“You Have to Believe in Yourself When No one else Does”

– Venus Williams

I thought to myself – Well that makes sense! I mean it makes sense with everything which I believe in so far. Not that I am being adamant or unresponsive to the feedback which people give me. I am not even being ignorant. It might be very valid what they say, but belief is a very powerful thing and we need to take care of it very carefully and not let anyone else destroy it very easily. It is the temple of our thought and we do not let random people stamp all over it.

It is hard

I do agree that it is hard, the society lives life with different standards. Sometimes, these standards are way against our wishes and the way we want to live our lives. But beliefs are very different from standards. And there is one belief which is the most sacred of all – The belief in yourself. Everything else can be coached or learnt or externally infused even. But for the inner one, it demands a bit of protection, a bit of effort, a bit of a constant reminder which keeps telling us how important it is for us to get hold of our senses and take charge to say that

“I am not letting anything else affect me, I know how to protect myself”

It is worth it

The question was never whether it is hard or not. Almost anything in the world which is worth having is almost always hard. Nothing comes too easy in life, there is nothing called free lunch. We all have to do our bit, struggle and make some sacrifices to make a few dreams come true. That is the way of life. But, just saying that is hard and putting our hands over the head just to say that it looks difficult is not done at all. It is as good as accepting defeat before you even play the game.

It is extremely hard to condone such an action. Hard or not, easy or not – doesn’t matter – you got to do it. It is the only way ahead. You can get a hundred people around you to say that you are capable and strong and you can achieve anything you set your mind to. But unless you personally believe it – it is not going to make a difference, is it?


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