You Can Never Cross The Ocean Unless You Have the Courage To Lose Sight Of The Shore – Christopher Columbus

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We all know who Christopher Columbus was – an Italian explorer who completed four successful voyages across the Atlantic ocean, the man who discovered sea route to America when he was on a venture to discover India (Wikipedia, 2015). Although it was one of the most popular mistakes that was ever made in history – look where it got him 😉

We are not going to talk about the mistakes or where they lead us today, but we sure are going to talk about this lovely quote of his:

“You Can Never Cross The Ocean Unless You Have the Courage To Lose Sight Of The Shore”

– Christopher Columbus

Who better to talk about crossing oceans and leaving the shores than the man who did it himself?! And that is why we decide on this as the quote of the day while we talk about fear. We have talked quite elaborately about the 11 practical steps to guide you through overcoming fears and we have also talked about how amazing the journey is. But today is more about the fear and its appreciation in itself.

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Even after speaking so belligerently against fear, I realise that it very much is an inherent part of our lives. I find myself fretting a bit when asked to embark on a new challenge. I am still afraid of the consequences and weigh the pros and cons of outcomes to determine whether an action is worth taking. Fear, certainly teaches us to be careful – well that is the good part of it and I am afraid that is the end of the good part. It also makes us insanely conscious and most times plays the role of a demon who stops you from even trying.

I have been there and I have hated that I was afraid of things and how this has been a major distraction. In the end of it, it does teach us something and the lesson was that there are two very strong motivators in our lives – the fear of pain and the pleasure of success. The moment our motivation is larger than the fear – then we start talking and realise that there is so much to achieve in this life and you can’t just give in to the fear just because it is out there.

The moment we realise that it is a distraction and understand that it is inevitable to go through it, to take a few risks and plunge in. As Christopher Columbus said – we are never going to cross from one side to another if we are still afraid of losing the things we have. We are afraid and we will be afraid, but we can do the clever bit of playing our fears. If we are able to develop a slight amount of control over them and appreciate the fact that they are there – but what matters the most is what we are going to do about them. We realise that the most practical thing to do is to understand that there is fear but to also understand that there is better sense and success in overcoming it.

I am not suggesting that we neglect all our fears, I am just saying that it is practical to understand that fear in itself is not the priority, but as Christopher Columbus said, the priority is crossing the ocean and not staying at the shore. As we always say – it all boils down to choices and some risks in life are simply worth taking.

With that, we close our thought for the day with the quote from Christopher Columbus and the beauty in taking risks. Do share us your thoughts below and we would love to continue the debate.

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4 thoughts on “You Can Never Cross The Ocean Unless You Have the Courage To Lose Sight Of The Shore – Christopher Columbus

  1. we can never accomplish our goals if we don’t have the courage to take the first step.
    that is how we will be part of our happiness in success and make parents proud also to be a yield for the nation…………….

  2. Brilliantly said. If we are controlled or dominated by our fears, they are not going to allow us to enjoy the beauty that we will feel after surmounting them. Some calculated risks are worth taking because they keep alive the spirit of life i.e. realizing something better hidden in ourselves that we need to know.

    1. Thank you Nikhil. I guess there will always be those things which we will be afraid of. I have personally never met someone who has been a daredevil or said that they are not afraid of anything in life. There is usually something or the other that bothers, but how people respond to it is something which amazes me. It makes me realise that there is so much strength within us that the moment we accept it and start working on what we think is important, life takes some brilliant turns 🙂

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