Would you rather wear out or rust?

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The quote very well makes itself relevant in situations of decision making, getting into action, taking up a challenging project about which we have doubts on ourselves, the projects which make us question our abilities or the challenges which make us think if we are capable enough. More often than not, such thought eventually lead us to a place where there is less action and more thought and finally nothing is done about it, not even as much as addressing and acknowledging it to be something which we would be willing to take up.

One of the reasons might be, that we all hate to fail, sometimes we are so afraid of the negative result that we don’t even act so that we need not be in a position to accept defeat. We find it easier to tell ourselves that it was not possible because of a set of justifiable reasons which are very valid. But, let us look at the bigger question – What did we achieve in the end? Of course we did safeguard our self respect and didn’t go behind something which we found a little unreasonable. But what did we achieve in the end? What was the result? Didn’t the problem remain? Doesn’t the issue still haunt? Do we have a solution or a theoretical analysis of a problem?

Ideally speaking, rarely do we get a perfect situation where things will fall into order. Most times we have to make things work no matter how hard they seem. Sometimes some of them don’t, that doesn’t mean we are going to sit silent, it just means that we are going to try a different approach. There is no point in not trying and being happy, it rarely does solve the problem. A much saner way could be in the spirit of a fight!


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