Worst thing to do during decision making

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Decisions are perhaps the hardest things in life to work on. There are so many parameters, so many thoughts and there never seems to be a scenario where it is as simple as a coin toss. Well perhaps that is the beauty of decision making.

We all are very smart people here, we know what we want to do and we also know how to take decisions – make a list, identify the pros and cons and then see what works in favour. We are all very good till now, the one thing that holds us back is “DO IT”. I am not blaming any of us here, it is a natural tendency, an inertia if I may say. We are all very comfortable in our own zones.

But on course of decision making, it is very easy to be caught up in the details, to say what works best and what doesn’t. But sometimes it so happens that the negative things take a bigger precedence, they make us think a little more. The truth however is that there shall always be negative things to worry about. There shall always be hindrances.

But what makes the difference is that how quick we are in taking these. Even in case it is a bad decision, what is the big deal? Make a mistake and move on, reorder the strategies and get there quick. Most importantly – “Just Do It”. It is not like there is a gun to your head! Or probably we should behave like there is one, maybe that helps take a faster decision!

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