Worry Is A Rocking Chair, It Will Give You Something To Do But Will Not Get You Anywhere

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Worry is a rocking chair

worry is a rocking chair, worry will not get you anywhere, quote on worry, worrying in life
“Worry is a rocking chair, it will give you something to do, but it won’t get you anywhere.”
-Vance Havner”

“Worry is a rocking chair, it will give you something to do, but it won’t get you anywhere.”

-Vance Havner”

This kinda reminds me of our discussion : How To Stop Worrying And Start Living – 9 Simple And Elegant SolutionsIt was amazing to write a post on that and it is equally inspiring today to make a post on this quote on worry and its use, misuse or uselessness :D.

Worry is quite an unavoidable enemy. At any given point of time, there is literally something or the other we are worried about. We have strongly maintained that there are 5 aspects of our lives – Physical, Emotional, Relationship, Career and Finance. And at any given point, I am pretty sure it is hard to maintain a complete balanced growth in each one of these sectors. And perhaps that is something which keeps us going – to attain that equilibrium in life.

And the more we think about it, the more we are drawn into the quicksand of worry. It is just like the quick sand, the moment you are in it – you are stuck, the more you wiggle your feet, the deeper you get sunk. So is it with worry, the more you struggle in it, the deeper you get pulled. And all the while you are busy thinking about how an occurrence can completely screw your life and how much you hate it.

Worry is a rocking chair: A Symptom

It is like worrying about the symptom while the real problem and the real solution lie in the room next to you. Sometimes we are so drawn into this maze of worry that we don’t even find the energy to venture out and find the solution we desire and deserve.

So what is the solution – Is the solution not to worry at all? Stay like the monks and the enlightened men which mythology has taught us about? Well, we never recommend such strict measures. But we do recommend strongly living life to the fullest where we get to enjoy and experience the emotions we desire and live life at the quality we like than worrying or getting stuck in the quicksand.

Worry Is a Rocking Chair: The Solutions?

1) Let the thoughts settle down a bit

So, the solution – Well, it is pretty simple, if there is a worry – let the thoughts settle down a bit. Let the worry tell you what all it has to. Distraction is not the answer, nor is denial. If there is a worry, it is a signal, it is trying to tell you something and you better identify it and solve the problem if you have.

2) Make fun of it

Try and understand if the worry is rational. If you find it specious, then run it like a story which you enjoy for the fun of finding faults in it. Do the same with this worry – make fun of it!

3) Talk to people about it.

Don’t talk to every Tom and Harry – talk to people who care about – not the ones who offer their sympathy but the ones who really care and the ones who can direct your towards a solution

4) Sometimes the problem is simpler than it looks

 Well, simplify the problem, define a completely alternate explanation to the current situation. Find solutions to your situation, be completely optimistic. And later you can think of balancing the two acts cleverly.

5) Sometimes it is best to get into action.

The surest way to solution is to make a start. Start and get to work in any small direction you can. You get to be more occupied this way and even the slightest actions go a long way in developing your confidence to solve the bigger monster of a challenge.

So, although the worry is not real, it sure has the capacity to have one stymied in their tracks. The trick is to get moving and you will hit the solution. Not that each one of these will give us the 100% solution, but they sure can make a difference in our approach and help smoothen our lives a bit.

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7 thoughts on “Worry Is A Rocking Chair, It Will Give You Something To Do But Will Not Get You Anywhere

  1. This post also adds beauty to your site.Sir your writings are getting more energy nowadays and also this site is the best for motivation.You people need a hats off for doing this selfless service.hats off sir

    1. Thank you Bindu, as always it is a delight to see your comments on our posts. I am kinda making up for the last month where I wrote minimal number of articles since I was out of town. I am more enthused to make the posts count and hopefully make a slight difference to the quality of lives. And will try to come up with more such interesting posts for the future as well :)..

      Thanks so much for such kind words Bindu.. Truly, you honor us 🙂

  2. You have rightly said it worry is like a “quicksand”….the more you go in, it becomes more difficult to come out of it….

    1. Thank you Mayuresh. I guess sometimes the best way to get away from worry is to neglect it for a bit and actually show its place.. The more we think about it, the more we get sucked in.. Kind of a vicious circle this worry!

    1. True Maniparna. regressive is the word! It very rarely takes us ahead. Thank you :). I am glad you liked this post.. I too was kind of a worry bug or I still am to an extent. But I guess the fun is in trying to move ahead no matter how much we are pulled back..

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