Workout is Not Just About Burning Calories: 3 Brilliant Things You Discover When You Workout

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A 20 minutes workout can make a great difference in your day. Easier said than done, we know it’s not easy to be regular and motivated. If you are looking for motivation, here are 10 Simple Tips To Motivate You EverydayTo Gym

how to motivate yourself to gym, uses of workout, what you discover when you workout, what can workout do to you, why workout everyday, how workout improves attitude, how workout helps in personal growthI have been there, working out with the calories burn count and calories intake count. I even used applications on my mobile to keep things recorded, to keep me motivated to avoid junk food and if you too are looking on how to avoid, here are 10 things you can do and still eat junk. Every time I worked out, there was something more to do than just the calories burn. It added more to me. It terms of attitude, in terms of emotions and in terms of physical fitness, it did help me and yeah in a great way.

Workout is fun and let’s not forget what it does: It builds stamina, it energizes you, it exhilarates the mood, it helps with insomnia, it makes you active, it gets you shape, builds confidence in you, helps with balancing mental stress and what not.


Apart from these things, here are 3 brilliant things you discover when you workout regularly.

Knowing that you are doing your part

I know a set of people including me trying hard to get in shape and it’s a common thing to notice among us that somewhere this notion of doing something in order to achieve something gives you an immense pleasure. Probably, that is what acts as a motivator for most of us at achieving our dreams- “To Know that you doing the thing.”

And yes, it’s million, billion and zillion times better than sitting and wondering if it actually works.


Pushing your limits is a great feeling

Yesterday I embarked on a challenge of cycling up the hills. It was difficult, extremely difficult. It was my first time cycling up the hills, and to push myself for every 0.5kms to continue cycling was a tough battle in my mind. Every push to continue further did make me feel good looking at the past limitations I have pushed and continued along. I did reach the destination and I am proud of it.

My sole reason behind cycling was to burn a lot of calories. To my surprise, what gave me the ultimate satisfaction was not the number of calories I burned but it was to know that I pushed n number of limitations which my mind had set for me. No wonder why it’s said, “Your mind will quit thousand times before your body will.”


Believing your Beliefs

“To Believe” is a great thing. It clearly pushes your inner spirit with a maximum assurance of getting something and that feeling is what makes you want it badly.

There are millions of people out there, trying to reduce weight, burn fat and get in shape, they try all sorts of things and make sure to leave no stone unturned. Among these millions, there are thousands of people who continue to workout every day for months and years without seeing any difference and the reason why they do is that they believe somehow it matters. And someday it those believes will work, it will show results.

“You Become What You believe” How and when is a question you figure out in the journey of turning your beliefs into reality. The stronger the believes the higher the chances to accomplish dreams.

It’s a beautiful thing about doing something, “Everything you do matters. I have always wondered why some people strongly believe in this line and it does make a lot of sense as we grow. Everything we do does matter! But like anything else, it’s twisted here. It’s a beautiful twisted art of life to figure out how the things you did matter to you.

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  1. It’s important to remain fit and healthy and, there is no other better way than a proper workout. Your words are truly motivational here, Vidyashree, for we often feel lethargic and, procrastinate when it comes to workout…

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