Women To Blame For Rape – UP Cops

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Women To Blame For Rape – UP Cops

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Rape: It is the Woman’s Fault

It is the woman’s fault that she got raped. She was wearing provocative clothes, she was out at an untimely hour, she was all alone – these were the reasons tendered by the UP cops when it came to questioning on the rape cases. Seeing the recent footage of NDTV I was shocked to say the least when I heard the responses from the cops about these rape cases. As per the stats, 8 cases of rape are reported each day on an average. And these are the reported cases, I am sure the unreported ones would be much higher. And the reasons given

Women are to blame for their rape

I am shocked at the audacity of this statement. This is spoken in an extremely condescending manner, as though someone wants to be raped. I am not able to understand why the situation is not given that much of an importance it deserves. Is it because it is a male dominated society? Is it because they are trying to protect someone? Is it because they do not want to work more or they gain nothing out of it?

I wonder sometimes whether they know that they are in a public service job or not!

These are the reasons given for rape when asked
  • Lack of entertainment, fewer rapes earlier – TV, FB, etc are causing more rapes
  • Women wear provocative clothes
  • They were alone at night
  • Live in relations cause rapes
  • Indian Culture – Clothes from Indian culture will lessen rapes

And a lot more annoying ones. Of these, the one I hated the most was the lecture on Indian culture. I wonder if these people should be allowed at all to talk about the Indian culture at all. It is such a disgrace to see someone like that talking about Indian culture. Apparently as per the Indian culture – a woman is not supposed to wear jeans or some other clothes.

If that turns someone on to think of rape, so would a burqa. These guys are in need of some severe mental help or education or punishment.

Don’t we have enough laws?

The laws are never a problem. We have some really nice laws to protect women. But the unfortunate part is that it rarely has helped a woman in trouble. I learned from the interview that most of the times police refrain from filing an FIR. This is because they would have to act on it and if they don’t it is a black mark on their profession or hike or promotions. Laws were never the problem with our country, it was always the execution.

Then why do these things happen?

Some activists go on to the extent of saying that all men are inherently insane. Well I would definitely find that logic insane. But I agree that the society has become a male dominated one and it needs a balance in its perspective. Too much of importance has been given to the idea of sex and too less importance has been given to respecting it. It is not the media to blame, not the girls and not the lack of entertainment. It is just the way people think – they think and seem to know that it easy to get away with. ‘The audacity of impunity ‘ – Talk about a lawless society

How to prevent it?

Education! Stricter Laws! Public morality. Instead of trying to morally police women, it is time that people started acting like people. It is time that people put a foot down to stand for what is right. The perpetrators of the crime do not dwell in the dark, they are out there, it is not the inaction of police alone which makes it happen, it is the inaction of the society as a whole. I am sure that most of these cases would have been prevented if the perpetrators had an inherent fear of being caught by police or being beaten black and blue by the public. And none of these would have happened if they knew how to tender respect to the other gender. Instead of that, blaming women and suggesting them safety measures is surely a lame way to prevent something like this happening in the future

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18 thoughts on “Women To Blame For Rape – UP Cops

  1. Instead of accepting the fact that UP police is a bunch of some useless fellow they are now trying to blame women only for such things. Such a shame. Actually it is the impact of the government over there. As the thinking of the ruling party, they will also accept the same…

    1. Ha ha.. True Alok, instead of taking responsibility, it was the classic shifting of blames and I felt that they appeared like a bunch of jokers while making those statements. If you get robbed – then it is your mistake for carrying money, if you get stabbed then it is your mistake for being accessible, if you fall in a pit – it was your mistake that you fell not because there was a pit there!!

  2. I agree with you that these rapists and molesters need “some severe mental help or education or punishment.” But the thought of UP cops are not just their own. Unfortunately, this is deep rooted in the psyche of our society. I have seen many men and women think that the way women dress brings such bad fortune to them. As if all those women (rape victims) wore short tops and tights! This is nothing but an excuse.

    Then what about child rape case? WHat about father raping daughter? We read such incidents on news paper too. All these are ugly truth of our society which are always hushed up with such kind of ‘nonsense’ talking.

    After Nirbhaya (Delhi Rape Case) some of our ‘respected’ political and religious leaders have expressed similar opinion. I think proper education from the grass root level and a friendly mixing of boys and girls from the young age can change this attitude of the society. In my childhood I had heard some of my girl-friends’ mother forbade their daughters – “don’t play with the boys” when we were hardly 11-12 year old. So, it needs to start from our homes. We need to teach our boys to give respect and importance to their opposite sex -and to girls that boys are just like you, they have emotions and sentiments as well.

    After the case of “Nirbhaya” I had also expressed my concern over this malaise (of rape and blaming the victim) in my blog as well – chandrabali.wordpress.com/2013/01/01/delhi-gang-rape-case-its-time-to-wake-up-everyone/ . And I think rational people should protest against such thoughts and comments and crimes whatever way they can (non-violent, of course). Small voices one by one can form a roar against such heinous crime.

    1. This a very valid point Moon Roy. You hit the right spot there when you talk about the psyche of the society or people and they really need some serious education. I think it is completely baseless and pointless and I don;t understand the logic of blaming a victim! I mean I don’t even understand how they can even think of something like that!

      There needs to be a whole cultural reshift and the solutions are deep rooted as much as the problems. Instead of looking towards the solution if they are just trying to point fingers, I am sure that the blame game is never going to end. It is going to be one horrible set of events which finally bites them back in the wrong place.

  3. This is UP police . it can make wolf a lion . not only UP Police , each and every state police have the same face .

  4. What makes this more laughable is that the very Govt’s who blame women for causing such an uproar in society, will not think twice before being seen with women, who as per them violate Indian culture.. ie. would any Govt official let go of an opportunity to not be photographed with Sunny Leone or Mallika Sherawat or a Poonam Pandey..

    Having said that, this is a cultural issue, where men are not able to accept women for what they are. We want our women to be independent, to earn money, to have a career, to be powerful, but all within the confines of our homes. Truly a sickening attitude, where men, when they want their wives to grow, will allow them to go out and get offended if others ogle at them, but will have no hesitation in ogling at some one else’s wives (there is this brilliant ad of Imperial Blue.. Men will be Men….)

    The only part, where I would blame women, is that there is a place to wear what they want to wear. I have no issues in any one wanting to wear what they want, but there are many a times, when men actually get embarrased to look at a lady when talking to her. There is a difference btwn dressing classy and cheap the same way, there is a difference between a Gentleman and a boor.

    1. Ha ha, it is the beauty of Irony Rajesh. I have often wondered if there is a much better irony in any written classics at all than what is happening out there. It is as if the masters of irony are all cloaked in the same uniforms!

      Spot on Rajesh, it is a cultural issue, there are people with minds so narrow that any widening there would split open their brains! Simply stated – it is a way to subdue people so that they can have their “supremacy” over them. They don’t seem to understand the concept of respect when things are so easy making them follow their orders and looks like people have been reluctant forever to give up this position of power!!

      Probably Rakesh, maybe being a little safe helps them a bit cos it makes sense to avoid places which tend to lurked by muggers or some other buggers in the same rung. Not just for the women but also men too. I see the point in you stating the dangers are a lot higher for women than the men..

  5. Totally Agree with you. India is facing this issue from the age of shaktiman and shakal. Talking about the development state like U.P, Bihar, Jharkhand and many more is having a high rate of crime. Even today many states which are lessed with guards and Police also facing these same problem, Delhi which is called a capital of India, also has a several problems. Suppose if the Rape cases are stop(no possibility) then also Delhi is loaded with several of complication. Modi g Has to concentrate on this major issues and dispute. People often said i Raped a girl and there is no strict law in India. Indian government is like a tortoise which works but slowly. So, Please guyzs “Be a Real Men” and Indian Government This one is for you ” Just Kill the rapist on the spot, don’t make them rapper.

    1. Ha ha 😀 .That’s a real clever way of saying it Sumit :). I see the point in developing and underdeveloped states where these challenges are rampant. Maybe the solution is greater policing and better education for these policing.

      I think the govt has some really strong laws, the only challenge is when it comes to execution. And execution is always post mortem. The thought has been to try a punitive measure for an action that has already happened. How about preventing it? If there is some action on that front, the amount of development we can witness can really be huge..

  6. Such stupid comments are made from time to time, not only by police only but also by politicians and even by some dumb-headed guys. If these are the only reasons for rape then what about would be the reason behind the rape of 7 months, 2 years or 6 years children? How pathetic it sounds when they made such comments!

    1. The only thing I can say here Maniparna is – “Their intelligence is only surpassed by their stupidity” 😛 😀 .. There will never be any logic to that, it is like a rant of sick man!

  7. Very true, too much importance has been given the idea of sex and too and too less importance has been given to respecting it. How true? Many people in our society consider sex education to be a shame. How pathetic!

    1. Thank you Shruti :). Oh yes indeed forget education, people run away as soon as you even mention sex as a subject to them. It seems as if it is only a physical aspect without any mental connection and if there is no education to teach that difference, we are really headed for some grave danger.

      1. And then comes the social ‘ menace’ of mardaangi where one treats women as commodities…giving rise to plethora of social injustices.

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