Why you should make a fool of yourself once in a while!

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 I think we are all very comfortable in our comfort zones and probably that is why it is called so. Occasionally I like to stretch myself out of that and see what is on the other end, just for the fun of it. Not that I enjoy being bad at something, it somehow is a weird and an interesting feeling to take part in it. One such occasion was a dance demo class which I took recently. A little info about me – I am horrible at dancing! I mean I can’t move my feet, I love music but I really can’t dance for the sake of it and I do know that I was making a fool of myself. It did feel awkward for a moment – you see that is the beauty of awkwardness, It doesn’t last long 😉

Well let’s talk about a few advantages of making a fool of yourself, shall we?

1)    Helps getting off the high horse

I think sometimes too much of success gets to the head. We sure are very very good at a few things and at the same time it gets to a part of the mind that we are good at everything which makes us a bit of a pain to deal with and equally shut out from learning new things in life. It’s a great feeling to know that we can be wrong and there is nothing that bad about it. It is just a field where we are not that great at and there are ways we can improve on it if we feel like or we can respect it enough and leave it to the experts – it just depends on how much it means to us but it does prove one thing that we can be foolish

2)    Who said being foolish is a bad thing?

It is a fantastic thing making a fool of yourself. It does show a higher level of evolution where you know what you are not that great at and yet you can smile or laugh at it. It shows how grown up you are to treat something with respect and humour. Not many people did great things with a bad sense of humour. If they did, they did have a bad time fending off the critics. Humour – especially upon oneself is a killer attitude to have!

3)    You’re not the master of all

Granted you are great at some things – so are the others. It is a great feeling to have an opportunity to be learning with someone and trying to understand how good they are at something and why! For me what I realized was I really did suck at the dance class since I was not feeling the music, I was not dancing for myself or the sheer joy of it but to try and fit in a place which is out of my comfort zone. Of course it did feel bad at the moment but I can still say I can laugh at myself – that doesn’t mean I can dance though 😉

4)    It pays to know what we are good at and what we are not

Well nobody likes limitations, atleast I think I am against a lot of things when I write about limitations binding us. But we are not talking about limitations here, we are talking about knowing ourselves. It is very easy to avoid things we are not that great at cos we love to be appreciated. But at the same time, if things are a full cycle, I am sufficiently entitled to be bad at some things and still have a good feeling about it. Just cos I am bad at something doesn’t make me bad. And realizing what I am bad at doesn’t make it any worse!

5)    And who said you are bad?

Well nobody actually did, it is the title we gave ourselves. I thought I was bad since I was not able to open up properly. That doesn’t make me a good dancer but it does allow me to enjoy it. Just cos I don’t know how to dance doesn’t mean that I needn’t enjoy it or dance. Just cos I think I cant do somethings doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t. The fun element is certainly there, it is just our decision whether to take it and smile about it or leave it at its own mercy. Frankly I would select the former, cos lets face it, I don’t mind being a fool sometimes 😉



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