Why you have to fail to have a great career?

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Michael Litt, a serial entrepreneur talks about failures and why they are so important in shaping a great career. All our lives we are trained to avoid failure, run away from it, make sure that they never happen. But they do and constantly so. But failures alone never made a man, nor did successes alone, it was the MAN who made failures and successes. Here are a few excerpts from the video

The video talks about the story of Michael Litt who starts as a biodiesel producer and tries to sell it to companies across Canada, meets with a crushing failure. It was the same time during which he fails university and now here is a man delivering a success failure talk at one of the most prestigious platforms – TED TALKS. Something we all tend to forget

1) Success or Failure is an incident. It is an event which happens and the consequences it has is on the further opportunities that are presented to us

2) Most times we take success or failure as a feedback on our capacity, a statement on how we are and how the society treats us

3) The society shuns a failure, people don’t want to be seen next to you, some may even go to the extent of dodging your calls

4) Not many people would come and help pull you up, dust you off and get you back on your feet

5) Be that all as it may, it doesn’t matter, nothing matters. All that matters is that it teaches you something invaluable, it teaches you that you are on your own and you are very much capable of taking care of yourself. Everything around may seem painful, hang in there, find ways to deal with it, grow with it. In the end you have something invaluable – A true understanding of how strong you are.

No matter what happens don’t ever lose that energy to keep trying and being wrong cos that is the only one thing which is going to define  how big you are going to be.

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