Why people judge?

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Society is a funny place, a set of very interesting people and even more interesting ideas and thoughts. And that set especially who have always had an opinion about what we do and what we don’t. I have often wondered if people would stop talking, judging and leave us alone to lead our own lives. I have also been very curious about the interest about the lives of others. Is it a way to help people improve their lifestyle? Is it to be there for them? Is it to show the concern and tell us how important we are to them? Β Is it to make mockery of us so that they feel good about themselves? Is it?… and so many other questions that come to me.

But I guess the above quote sort of explains why, cos it is the easiest thing to do. We all have a compass of our own, probably we try to put ourselves in that frame and see that what they have done is an aberration, something we might not do and might not approve of and hence it is harder for us to put ourselves in their shoes and understand the reality. But when it comes to our own lives, we are surprisingly understanding, we have a good set of rationalizations and beliefs as to why something is right. Maybe we can reflect a bit and understand that the other parties too. Perhaps it is way too easy to judge and that’s probably why most people do it.

But is it really that necessary? Each person is probably trying to sort out their own challenges in their very ways. Perhaps the best thing we can do is smile and offer help if we can. If not, we can just maintain distance and still try to smile about it. Why is the need to label it as either good or bad? And what if it is bad? Is it just cos we feel so?

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21 thoughts on “Why people judge?

  1. Seriously! Well analyzed Vinay!
    Even I am planning to write a post on how people love to judge! that’s their favorite past-time πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Sushma. Very very true, drawing the line really makes the difference and the faster we do it, the more we have to be interested about and in a great way πŸ™‚

  2. very practical and an ugly but very visible distraction.. people judge and esp the UPSC prep ppl the most πŸ˜›

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