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why not dream big?

The biggest dreamers have always caught our attention, we have often asked ourselves – What makes them dream so much? and the answer was “The more you dream, more is the possibility to achieve.” This is a fantastic thought, makes us ask another question – Are dreams the only thing needed to achieve goals. Are they so powerful to makes one’s life? Well perhaps not, it does take a lot along with the dream, but there is something in the beauty of the dream as well.

When I was a kid I dreamt a lot about scoring good in my tests. I wasn’t the most keen student, I was a little lazy, found it very hard to study but something that kept things alive was the dream of being there in the winners circle, not that it made me get there at ease but the idea of being there gave a great surge of energy which made me work harder, push further. I didn’t know whether it was sufficient enough to get me there but the bigger picture was always beautiful and the drive was a whole lot fun than it looked like. It felt less like hard work and more like something which I had fun with cos I had the larger thought to keep me pushing.

It kinda reminds me of what my brother used to say “No matter what kind of student you are, aim for 100%, Bigger the dream more the desire, more the desire more the outcome”. I know I am speaking out of the whole context here, but somehow that made sense, it made me believe that it was possible. Not that it led me to getting the best rank, but it did lead me somewhere.

Something I did realize was that these dreams acted like the driving source for the goals. They ignited the spark and the power to illuminate the fading energy, they helped develop faith, they shaped the path and paved the way to achieve goals. They showed the  beautiful picture of tomorrow that we all desire. Then it gave rise to a strand of thought – don’t put a limitation on the dream, cos sometimes that is all you got! 




4 thoughts on “WHY NOT DREAM BIG?

  1. but vinay , the problem is , often the dreams are associated with the success or achievement . the nature is not so kind that it gives everything what one can dream of ; yes , i may seem some what pessimistic but have come across people who in spite of their best possible efforts , extraordinary courage , dedicated perseverance and belly full of passion and honesty have not made this exam. more over , the feeling of being deceived by their own self made them weaker. so , i want a way out which u can possibly suggest..

    1. Thank you Phani, as always your comments are insightful :).. I agree, nature never is kind so that it gives us everything we want. Then I thought, it maybe a part of the broader design. I mean if we get everything we want in life, do we actually value them? Is a sense of achievement great without an understanding of what loss means? I kinda feel that it is a perfect balance of nature and it is its own way of testing how much we are worth it and how strong we are willing to become in the process.

      I agree, I have seen such people too and I have experienced a similar failure as well. But I think the beauty of nature and life is that it moves on and probably sometimes we should take a cue from it and move on too. Maybe it is the natures way of saying something to us and if we listen closely, we have all the answers we need.

      Speaking of a way out, I think it is quite a tricky answer cos there is no one size fits all. Speaking from personal experience, I think the best way out is action, trying to identify what can be done better, done differently so that it maximizes our opportunities of getting there. And if this poses a harder challenge, then the greatest recluse is of Karmayoga, the results shall take care of themselves. You gotta believe that life is a full circle and nothing goes a waste. I think sometimes we are too focussed on what we have lost and forget the gains. If we look at the gains, I think it is more than a fair share. Perhaps sometimes it does pay to acknowledge them in that light as well and it all starts to make sense..

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