Why make someone wait!

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It was an early start today, we were supposed to meet a few people on work, say at about 7:30 and as usual we were at the venue at 7:15. Promptly we send a message acknowledging the same, however we didn’t get any response. Time kept running and it was almost 8 and we try calling only to realize that there has been no response.

One thing that irritates me to my wits end is when people make you wait and don’t show the courtesy to keep you informed before hand. Makes me wonder, is it that hard to understand that other’s time is as precious as their own? Granted that we all individually have our problems but does that give someone an excuse to make light of  someones else’s?

Somehow got me thinking of the times I have made others wait, never realized that it could be related to time sense and more importantly it is actually hurting the other person, giving a subliminal message saying that a meeting with you would not be as important. I guess sometimes we are in a position to appreciate a situation better when they happen to us.

As I look back and think, it sort of makes me feel sorry for all the things I have taken lightly so far, I guess I didn’t really understand the importance to that extent. Now it all seems to make a little sense.
As for the story of me waiting, those idiots turned up a little later and we realize on a larger picture some sacrifices are still okay cos when I think and look back, it would have momentarily made me feel better that I walked of, but I guess staying there I probably sent a better message to myself saying that sometimes even I can grow to see a situation beyond the limits of my own self.


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