Why I Chose Action Over Anger- Anger Management

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Author: Nikhil Araballi

Why I Chose Action Over Anger- Anger ManagementI have always been a great fan of TV series, movies and browsing internet.For my anger, stress and frustration I tried finding relaxation in these. Whenever I exceeded my stress-level handling capacity, I rushed to my room, slammed the door, switched on my laptop and paused the world outside. After some time, I would resume my life and see things at a slightly less intensified vision.

Though these substituted activities made me feel better I did feel there was something not alright about my anger management. I felt the weight of anger inside me even after a couple of minutes. Was it because of the negative energy accumulated from anger? Or was it the need to find a productive substitute? Or was it because I had enough of watching TV. Well…..I think it was because of all of it.

Recently, a situation crossed my anger handling capacity and there I was, standing, extremely angry with my parents, trying to control my anger explosion. I saw a broom and without thinking much took it in my hands and started removing the cobwebs in the house. My whole focus was on cobwebs. Wait! Where did the anger go? I thought about it and yes I did realise, how wonderfully I utilised my emotion of anger on a constructive work. This is a very small action, I agree, but the positive effect it reflected in me made the whole difference.

People react differently for different situations. I wonder what makes one very angry and the other remain calm for the same situation. I thought it was the stress handling capacity that brought in the difference. But there is always an action associated to an emotion and the actions what we associate to an emotion sets an equally effective difference. Associating a physical activity to  a powerful anger emotion makes a lot of difference.

anger management, how to use anger, why excercise when angry, creative ways of using anger, how to handle anger,I have tried playing physical games, exercising, running. Here are 7 Reasons To Run When You Are Angry! Cleaning the house, shampooing and washing my car and similar kinds of constructive work and they have all made me feel better- Not only because I found a way for anger management it’s also because I found a way to use my emotions constructively, the same emotions which had high chances to shut me for hours is greatly used for productive work.

Here are the 10 Creative Techniques of Anger Management that can help you make use of your emotion.

Tell us what you do to manage your anger. We would like to hear from you and like to write about you and your managing skills. Write to us at info@inspire99.com

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2 thoughts on “Why I Chose Action Over Anger- Anger Management

  1. Anger management is a useful thing…we all need to find ways to throw the anger whenever the situation seems to go beyond the limit. A nice article indeed.Getting engaged with some other work definitely helps… I try to follow this, too. 🙂

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