Why do you stop? Because you are old??

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Achievements perhaps are the most elusive ones of all. Most times it so happens that we don’t even know when we have actually done them and sometimes we realize it was all in the process. When we try and look at this world and see the number of achievements  that have kept it alive, it simply amazes us with the sheer number and the diversity. Once we look out and look inside ourselves and ask us, what is stopping us from the real achievements which we would love to do?

The common answers rightly start from the resources to the society, opportunities, etc etc. n the other end we have seen people achieve some extraordinary things inspite of these challenges. One of the most common rationalizations of the society also includes AGE as a very solid justification. We have heard people say, if only we were a little younger, we’d have done this. If only we started a company in college, we would have been millionaires by now. If only…. Well I guess the list never ends. But what we really need to ask ourselves is what we are doing by offering this reason? Are we deluding ourselves from the goal, are we seeking comfort in rationalization, are we trying to justify our actions? Well, no matter what the answers are, the answer is still the same, we are simply giving reasons to not to do something. Looking at the quote above, it certainly is not these limitations which hold us back, the limitations are within for we will always find reasons and ways for what we really want to do.

And above all, who said age is a barrier? Haven’t we seen the col Sanders or the Ambanis who have made it great in the later stages of life? What kept them going? What made them do what they did? It certainly was not the age. In fact it was the sheer passion, the hunger and the absolute certainty that they could do what they were after that kept them going. It was perhaps the other way round and they always remained as young in their hearts cos they did not allow the externalities affect them!



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    1. Wow ! That’s really impressive.. Cheers to the spirit, I guess we are only as old as we think we are .. And sometimes it’s just a reasoning we give not to start something.

      Thank you for writing to us, a great feeling to hear on an article 🙂

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