Why do people discourage you from your dreams?

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How often have you been in a place where you have told people about your dreams and they have ended up making a complete mockery of the same? Sometimes a few of them even go to the extent of giving you a very well rounded argument as to why exactly something might not work and they always seem to be very logical and with highly justified reasoning as well. But I can’t help but ask myself, why do these people keep talking so much about my dreams? Is it a mistake that I opened up about my dreams to the people who can’t appreciate it? Is it because they care for me so much that they don’t want to see me suffer?

Well, no matter what the reasons are, I realize all they are doing is that keeping me away from my own dream. Speaking very objectively, I would say that I owe more to my dream than to these people. These people maybe right in saying that the dream is not going to work. Infact even I have had a whole set of doubts whenever I have had a dream but then one thing that has kept me going is that – The dream deserves a chance over people.

And as for the reason why people say you cant do something, the reason as to why they discourage you from following your dreams, I have kind of come to a following set of thoughts

1)    They had tried something in their past which was difficult, they left it at the first opportunity possible and they did not have the guts to follow through it. Now if they see anyone trying to do the same, the only though that comes to their mind is how hurt they were and they don’t want you to go through the same and they vicariously are preventing themselves from feeling the pain of the past

2)    They are the perfectionists for whom success has to be a complete 100% and everything else seems like a huge failure with no way of coming back from it.

3)    They don’t want you to do it cos they were not able to do it.

4)    They were too chickened to follow their dreams and they don’t want you to do it cos if you succeed it proves that they were wrong and you were right

5)    They love you but they don’t love you enough to see you being better than themselves

Well there maybe a lot more other reasons as to why people would discourage you. But I think we have kind of established as to why people try to do it. And our duty is pretty simple, avoiding it. And how? –Well maybe turning a deaf ear to what they say, deciding that no matter what they say you’re not letting them affect you, answering to them straight on their face as to why they are wrong. Or just be wiser and realize that it is a drain on energy and smile at what they say and keep doing what you think is right. Frankly I would stick with the last one.



15 thoughts on “Why do people discourage you from your dreams?

  1. Excellent write up Vinay. Discourage and rejection are totally two faces of the same coin.
    “Resistance to the unpleasant situation is the root of all suffering.” ~ Ram Dass
    sometimes, getting rejected and discouraged is a blessing in disguise. It may provide you with the space for something bigger that is about to happen! …

    1. Thank you Veena, great to hear from you.. Welcome to Inspire99 🙂

      That’s a really nice quote, resistance, denial is certainly the root cause.. So very true, it can always be a blessing in disguise if we choose to look at it in the right direction. And definitely opens up more doors and options for us to live life in, perhaps in a much better style 🙂

      Thanks so much for your thoughts Veena, would love to keep hearing more from you 🙂

  2. i have a feeling we have had this conversation before in one of your previous posts. but then this is one of my favorite topics. 🙂 the one reason i think people discourage you is because they know you are good enough and know that you will succeed. so if more than one person say almost immediately without listening to reason or argument, that you will not succeed , then its surely something we should consider doing!! 😛

    1. He he, perhaps one of the reasons we had this conversation earlier is cos I love it too ;).

      Absolutely spot on, the more people say you can’t do something, the greater is the motivation to do it. More than proving ourselves right, sometimes the fun is in proving them wrong 😀 😉

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