Why Compare Yourself, No One In The World Can Do A Better Job Of Being You Than You! – Inspirational Quotes

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Why Compare Yourself – Inspirational Quote


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Why compare yourself in the competitive world

Why Compare Yourself, No One In The World Can Do A Better Job Of Being You Than You!

 We all live in a competitive world!

We do live in a competitive world don’t we? Right from our birth, we are in a constant competition, comparison, sometimes with our very own sibling for the toys at home. And as we grow up, we are in a constant rivalry with the class to be the best in school or in sports, whichever we like the most. And once we come to college, we are in a constant competition to get the highest paying job so that the society respects us. And finally when we grow up, we are in constant comparison with how others are doing and sometimes the competition gets as weird as the number of cars you have, how your sons study, how much money you make in a month and so on. No wonder the competition and the comparison is always around us. Read: Life Would’ve Been Easy Without Competition But – 8 Healthy Reasons For Good Competition In Life

The Constant Nagging Thought

Somehow, somewhere down the line, there is a constant nagging thought that haunts us every now and then.

  • Why do I actually have to compare myself to someone else? I mean isn’t their life completely different than the one I am leading?
  • The challenges I have are different, the resources and the time I have are different and the my social circle is completely different
  • My capacities are different, thoughts are different and so are the perspectives.

With so many differences within ourselves, yet we try to compete with for commonality in the society. We compete for the ideals set by the society and try to prove ourselves better than the competition. We are constantly pitted against each other and made to feel bad that we are not doing as good as someone else.

There Is Always someone Better Than You

Let me tell you something – there is always someone who is doing better than you in every field you look at. There is always someone who is making more money than you do, there is always someone who has a better quality of relationship than you have, there is always someone who enjoys his work more than you do. Don’t get me wrong, I am not undermining your capacities or achievements. All I am trying to say is that there is a clear demarcation of achievement, realizing the highest levels of our lives.

Role Models Or Competition?

role models or competition, how to treat competition in life, respecting competition, taking advantage of competitionTo be very honest, we are never on a constant war with someone else. We are never competing against anyone cos the myth of limited resources is just a myth and it is about time we all realize that. The only competition and the comparison we have is between what we used to be and what we aspire to be. All the others we see are not our competition, they are not the ones we should be feeling jealous of. But they are the apt role models, apt aspirations and apt examples for you to take care of your life – physical, emotional, relationship and finances. They are there not to compare with you but to guide you. Read: What Roxanne Gay Meant By – I Think We Are Desperate For Heroes 

There is no way your life will be ever similar to theirs and it should never ever be. The point is, life is really beautiful for each one of us. And we all have amazing aspirations to gather. Never settle for what your competitor has, he has completely different challenges and resources and your life will never be the same as his or hers. Your life can be the way you aspire it to be. Your life can go to the extent you are willing to take it.

Don’t Do This Mistake

Don’t do the mistake of compromising it to that of your competitor. Get ahead of the competition, you are not playing to avoid losing here. You are playing to reach the next level each time.

No one can do a better job at being you than yourself. So, don’t go on aping these other so called achievers in the society. Even they have their own limitations and aspirations. Even they have someone who they feel jealous of. Life is a constant circle – realize and respect that. You will be a lot better if you keep looking at just two things – where you are and where you want to be.

That’s our thought of the day. Stay tuned in for more..

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