Who are you?

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I guess there are always 3 aspects in life – What our past was, what our present is and what our future promises to be. Emerson introduces the fourth element – Who you really are and what you are capable of – which ably outclasses the other questions by miles together. I believe as a part of our cultural / societal / educational tuning, we are extremely adept in trying to choose solutions to problem and arriving at solutions to the worldy questions. Some of those which are very important, some which are not. Nevertheless, our ability to answer them is stunning indeed.

But I think there is one question we do miss out to ask much often, something which deserves to be asked more than anything else – It is about who we are, not the face we show the public or our friends or our loved ones but the true intrinsic question as to who we are and what we mean to ourselves and what exactly defines that. I think we all know the answer to the question as to who we are not, but to the question as to who we are, I think the answer is boundless which can surpass the limitations imposed either by your surroundings or by your own self. I guess what I am trying to say is, there is something extraordinary and unique in your own self which is much more valuable than anything else in the world. In a world which is trying to suppress the innate qualities, it certainly is and will be a challenge to bring that out. Probably that is why so few people end up doing it. And to the question to what is stopping us, well I guess we all know that answer 🙂



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