When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it!!!

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Ideal! – isn’t it? 😉

It has been a crazy run from the past couple of days. Yesterday we were in a meeting trying to organize an instrumental concert. For the event of three, we were lucky enough to find two talented ones while the third one who had agreed for the event, bailed out in the last moment.!

After the rigmarole of cursing the bailer, we had to make an alternate arrangement since we are committed to the project and want to make it happen. The n’th moment battle always seems to be on and thankfully the saviour was found. After this was sorted, we look at our watches and realize it is just 15 mins to board the train to Bangalore and there is a great chance of us missing it.

Well the race against time started – hustling the bike thro the city rush, cursing the signals… and somehow finally we ran to make it in. This might be one of the very few times I have boarded a running train. Vinay reminded me of the Alchemist and said – When you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires to make it happen. It sure was a relief.

Today it had to be an early start, and the cab was booked for 5:45 AM. At 5:30, I call the driver and he says – “due to technical difficulties, we will not be able to allot a cab for atleast an hour. We understand your situation but there is nothing we can do”. There are a few moments where this word understand irks the hell out of me, and this was no exception!

Well the next best choice was to run – search an auto, get to the main streets till you find a cab. Sounded easy, but we realize we both have to carry a bag of 25 water bottles along with our bags, no wonder we couldn’t run fast. When we were about to get to the auto, we spot a cab who was just there to get a morning tea. We somehow pester this man – Irshad who agrees to help us out and we reach the place sharp at 6:15 – right on time. And then Iremembered the alchemist –

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”  

 Is it? Or isn’t it? I don’t know! But somehow the 2 plus 2 added to 4 in the end 🙂



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    1. I would certainly place it amongst the top 10 books I have read Sahi,.. It certainly is his best book 🙂

      And thanks so much for the reply, this one will be cherished as the first comment on my post since I moved to a private hosting site 🙂

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