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On the course of our lives, we do find a lot of experts, some self taught ones, some professors and some half baked ones. It is quite a task to separate one from the other, to identify who is actually giving you the right advice and who is not, what makes most sense and what makes the least. Sounds like a lot of effort if you ask me.

I have often wondered, how do I segregate between them? How do I identify who is giving the right one and who is offering an empty one. Experience did teach me to take everything with a pinch of salt but nobody really told us how much.

I came across this quote today, it is one way to listen to people and the other is to see. Cos no matter what people say, what they think, what they share, something which truly defines them is what they do. I am not trying to ascertain who they are, all I am trying to see is what I should believe and what I should not and even if I do, how much? If their actions are telling me about it, then I guess I can perhaps start believing the same. For we all know and have heard – seeing is believing 🙂


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