What people mean when they say YOU CAN’T DO IT!!

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It is very strange to know how many people are trying to deviate us from our thoughts and dreams. Although I am sure it is not their ‘intention’! But it certainly is interesting the way they look at things, especially when we are up to something new and exciting for which there is no previous precedence! What do they actually mean when they say we can’t do something?!

  • Is it meant to believe that just cos they didn’t succeed, it means the others won’t too? Is is a question of one’s ego or is it actually something with a pointer with a preconceived notion!
  • Is it just that it was too hard for them, it is going to be hard for us too?
  • Is it a feeling of seeking self validation through the action of others?
  • Is it cos they were afraid to do something, we should too?
  • Does it mean that just cos they said so, we should stop our venture?

There are a lot such questions which keep coming in my head when I hear someone say no. The real questions I think which would make a difference –

  • How much of it makes sense to me?
  • What is the actual message they are sending here, is it solution or is it a vent to their emotion?
  • What part of their response am I going to take?
  • Is it actually going to be of any help if I listen to them?
  • Am I inching towards a solution by listening?

I guess in the end, questions are the real answers and they probe us a certain way, making us think. The thought is quite simple, being very aware of what we are asking cos in the end we might end up getting what we ask for! That is the risk we always run don’t we? πŸ˜‰



16 thoughts on “What people mean when they say YOU CAN’T DO IT!!

  1. Sometimes, we fail to do things since some one says it’s impossible to do them. Possible or impossible is only a mind-set. We can get over with anything if we have what’s called the ‘will power.’
    Very inspirational quote.

  2. Nan case nalli most of the times, ‘u can’t do it’ andre, ‘it was too hard for me, it is going to be hard for u too’. But, elderly people like my grandfather etc – ‘It is a question of one’s ego’. All 3 of my sons went to US and did MS, she is a girl and will she also go to US and do MS ??!! NO NO, NEVER, asambhav πŸ˜› I guess in the end, just shut off your ears and do what u want πŸ˜› asht-ashte …

      1. Hehe πŸ˜› ashtond scene illa biDu πŸ˜› nice article πŸ™‚ heege chennagi bari geLeya! πŸ™‚

  3. i think .. we should start fresh .. even suggestions at times demoralize .. they set limitations alongwith guidance .. weave your own path be the boss .. of what you wish to do .. !! Nice post BTW!

    1. Thank you matey :).. Yeaaaa fair point my friend. They do have a certain point sometimes. But people have so manu that it becomes quite hard to identify what’s in the right light !!

  4. reading your post put a smile on my face as the situation you have described is so familar. Sometimes I wish I could just wave my magic wand and say “legilimens” (Allows the caster to delve into the mind of the victim)(am a harry potter nut!), would be so much easier to deal with people!! But in the end I guess its all upto us in taking that one big step towards what we believe and what we want to do. I have the same confusions regarding what people mean when they say something…discussed that in my post “a dictionary of alternate meanings”.

    Off the record, the line “being very aware of what we are asking cos in the end we might end up getting what we ask for!” reminded me of the movie wishmaster(1997, must mention had 3 sequals) πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Preethi for such a lovely response on the article πŸ™‚ . Ha ha you being a HP fan really shows :).

      Dictionary of alternate meanings! That sounds very interesting! Could you please pass me a link to that, I am trying to search but with no avail πŸ™ ..

      Oh really?! I must watch that movie then! Is it a movie you’d recommend?


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