What is your dream?

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What is success? What is an achievement? What are your dreams and what are your passions? Who defines them? What are the criteria necessary for something to be called a dream, a true call? I suppose there can be varied answers to the same but there are some answers I would be weary about when it comes to this.

Occasionally it becomes a little easy to define a dream in a societal view point, or a peer view point. For example if we ask a student what the dream is, the answers usually are great marks, high paying job. If we ask an employee the same it would mean more money, higher pay cheques, leaves, travel opportunities. But aren’t these dreams/goals the ones which are the most common ones? In other words are these dreams actually yours or is it of the society which is being transmitted through you? In that case what is your real dream? What would you actually do? If we look outside, the answers we get are already the ones we have gotten. But if we look a little deeper and ask ourselves – what is it that truly defines who I am? What attributes I stand for and what are the definitions and works I would like to stand up for? Not cos the society appreciates it or craves for it but for the one and only reason that it defines the true self and it realizes the true definition of what you would want to stand up for, that one thing which makes everything else seems trivial and ephemeral, that one thing which defines you, that very thing  which defines your goals your dreams and in turn the real you. The answer certainly is not outside, it is deep within, waiting to be unearthed, discovered and nourished so that it slowly tunes into something which you will cherish, not today, not tomorrow but for the rest of your lives..



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