What is security in life?

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What is security? I mean in the real sense. The only simplistic definition I can come up with is that it is a safety net for us to fall back on when things go wrong. It is something which help us surge forward without having to worry much since our bases are covered. But sometimes it often makes me wonder, if it is just meant to do that, why does it becomes so important in life so that it takes the primary concern? And what actually defines security? Is is just the push for a goal or the goal in itself?

I think we are all great starters, with so much of passion and energy and the devil may care attitude but as something gets closer to us, another new parameter starts coming in – SECURITY. It is quite an irony that it was the first thing that came when you didn’t strive for it and now it becomes the major goal just to maintain it. And somehow slowly it takes more importance as the needs increase. It is quite funny right, the needs of our security never seem to diminish, the more we grow, the more we need to secure ourselves.

I am not saying it is a horrible goal, it is a fair one to have. But who defines security and above all who limits it? If at one point of our lives, if our need for security itself becomes so important that it stands as an impediment between us and our goal, do we actually need it? Or are we just killing the adventure from our lives?



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