What if we appreciated everyone

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Somehow as we grow, certain things seem to take a backseat, some as simple as appreciation for the happenings in life. What if we actually took some time to appreciate, why should we do it? And most importantly what do we gain from doing it?

Whom do we Appreciate? – Your neighbour, family, people who you work with, people who make you feel great about yourself, people who make you feel lousy, people who make you think and reflect. Paraphrasing Templeton who once says – Appreciation is amongst the greatest riches one can possess.

Why do we need to appreciate? – It is not about being polite. It is not even about being courteous. It is also not about what you are going to gain out of appreciating someone. It is more about the little joys, the sheer delight in appreciation, the flow of emotions you get when they look back at you upon appreciation, the beautiful smiles you are greeted with, the sheer joy which someone gets acknowledged. It is more about the intangibles than the ones you can put a number on.

What do I gain by appreciating people? – Well, an ideal expectation would say, If I appreciate someone X number of times I would be rewarded 2X times – Math Right? As much as I would love to talk about math, it would be a little uninspired if I try and talk objectives in a place where intangibles matter a lot more than the tangibles. It is more about how it makes you feel when you appreciate someone else, knowing that you are a reason behind someone’s smile, perhaps without even realizing you made someone’s day! 

Why do we refrain from appreciating people? – Probably because we are shy? Maybe we think if we appreciate people a lot, we might spoil them. Well you may be up to something , you may be true, but that holds very well for flattery. We are talking about appreciating people here, giving credit to someone’s effort, making sure that we value their emotions and time and their thoughts about us. It is a way of showing that we actually care. Most times it is so easy to take things for granted that we miss out on the simple things that matter the most. Maybe we do it unconsciously. If that is the case, don’t you think it might be time to tell our conscious to be a little aware of this? 

What is the difference between appreciation and Flattery?  – There is a tonne of difference between the two. Appreciation is sincere while flattery is just flattery. It is meaningless, waste of energy and the only end goal is to massage someone’s ego. But truth be told, most people are smart. They can identify flattery at the drop of a hat! The sole purpose of flattery is fooling people, there is deceit in every thought of it. Why compare than with appreciation? We all love to be appreciated, maybe a little with a faint hint of flattery. But if it is only flattery you have to offer, well – think again cos people don’t want to be made fools of and in the long run, it is going to cause more harm than good to anyone!

So, why wait.. Today is as good a day as any to start 🙂


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