what if things are uncertain?

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Uncertain? Really? Well, sometimes I feel math is so much simpler and easier, it also probably is cos I really like math. But things were so simple there, the outcome was always a known one. I mean 1+1 was always 2, there was never an aberration, nothing ever changed. It was a certain outcome. Fortunately life is not, and probably that is exactly why it is so much more exciting.

I think if we look back in our lives, right from the start, most things have been quite uncertain. Right from the exams we took, to the women we hit on, to crossing the roads and getting the driving permit, all of which seemed quite impossible at one point of time, quite uncertain and probably the ones we have already achieved and started living on. But I guess there are a few things that change as we grow up.

The unabashed courage to take up a few things which we had earlier seems to wane a bit. I have asked a few people and the answer they came up with was – You are becoming more responsible now, you are growing up, you are thinking before your actions and I am proud of you. I am often quite scared when someone says – I am proud of you. Too many expectations you see, while saying so they create a definition of you and not only expect you to be in it and somehow convince you that it is wrong to even think about it.

But is it really growing up? If we are imposing a new set of shackles each time on our lives, is it really growing up? Granted the uncertainty factor keeps changing and so does the intensity and the stakes. But aren’t there still those things we do even if we are uncertain about? Like flapping our arms in the pool even if we know we can’t swim? Cos there is some beauty in hope, some beauty in going beyond the uncertain. Lets face it, it is damn exciting to go after the uncertain, it is a great spirit to go after it and achieve it for ourselves. The uncertain probably is going to be there all our lives, the only thing that might change is the way we handle it.

And to me, that looks like a choice!


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