what if it was all temporary

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I have often wondered about this as I toss the question in and out. I think sometimes we give so much of importance to future, safety, security, etc etc etc that somewhere in the journey we forget about living in the present. I agree the future is equally important, sometimes more and sometimes less but so is the present too. If I forget living in this moment, it is gone, I mean it doesn’t occur again. The future might be a great thing we are holding ourselves on to.

Why is the need for security and the thought of something later so important in life. All our lives while growing up people have often told us to take risks, aim for the best, have no fear in lives, it was all in the lovely books we read, the amazing biographies of people who have braved and made some big strides in life. Just for a moment stop and think about these people. What if these people would have worried about their future? I bet most of these great personalities wouldn’t have envisioned a future like that. Maybe they had a goal and a vision but I am sure it wouldn’t have been something concrete and perfectly planned. It was a thought in their mind and they gave it a path as they went along. It couldn’t have been as simple as an equation.

And what if the permanent question would’ve been looming on their head? What if the what next thought kept questioning them over and over again? I guess there was something beyond that which made them do what they did. They did that something they believed in, they strove for it, gave it a meaning and when the situation came, they rose to it. If people who’ve done such greats, been in such high positions and the ones who had so much to lose could do it, why not us? Why not leave the cloak of permanence for a while and think what all we would do if it was all temporary? How many fears would we brave? How many shackles would be break? And above all how many times you would smile and if the answer is MANY, then probably it is time to live in the NOW and stop worrying about the LATER.


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7 thoughts on “what if it was all temporary

  1. A very good post and a good question too. This life is truly a temporary one just like a waiting room at a railway platform. We ought to live in present keep our focus on both past and future to have a balance just like we have front and rear view mirrors in a car. We ought to live in the NOW.

    1. Thank you my friend. So true, I mean it is so easy to be caught up in the ephemera of the future while the presence whittles away. Makes me question whether we give too much of importance to it. The rear view of a car and the railway platforms are beautiful metaphors for the same.

      Thanks so much for stopping and the beautiful comment 🙂

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