What if I’d never failed

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I have often wondered this, rather I have fantasized about this. It is like having a magic power where everything I touch would be gold and I would never have to worry about anything, maybe I would have a range of BMWs in front of a huge mansion, fans everywhere I look and maybe even stalkers looking for autographs. Well if only imaginations could paint a picture, I guess we can have a lot of lovely dreamers for the same.

But often I wonder if there were none of these, would I ever be the same I am today. I read somewhere, “Who you are and what you become is a lot more important than what you get“. The first time I heard this, naturally I wouldn’t appreciate it, rather I would laugh at it, and wonder if that can ever be true. But now, I simply love that statement, I may be wrong but I love it. True, If I had none of these failures, I have often pictured myself as a very happy man, but truth being told, I am still one. I have had a lot of things to stumble upon and fall all along the journey and I am also sure there will be a lot more times of that fall. But something very special about these falls are that they always left me with something very precious.

Sometimes to realize that it is important to look at the road, sometimes to look at your peers and sometimes not to look at them. The point is, the lessons have been different each time and if it is a repeated lesson, it probably meant that I had not learnt properly. True – a figment of my imagination says life would have been so much fun, but the saner part says – Would it really?

Perhaps not, I might have enjoyed them all, but maybe would have never deserved them. I am not advocating to be a celibate, a monk but I guess what I am trying to say is that we often find it easy to undervalue our failures, look at them, criticize them, feel bad about them. But, when are we going to feel good? I mean aren’t these the ones which have strongly shaped us? Why such a strong stigma against them?

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