what if I lose?

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What indeed? I mean really, what is it that you are going to lose. I have often asked myself this most times when I am at the stage of decision making, especially when I am at a conflict where I don’t know whether to do something or not. I guess there are a couple of questions which gets me started.

The first one being, what if things don’t work in my favour? Well maybe I will realize that they don’t. Perhaps it maybe true that my knowledge and intellect said that it wasn’t probably the best way, but the gut said it did. What if I went ahead and followed the gut and proved myself wrong? Is it such a big deal? As in how big the mistake can be? How huge are the stakes?

The second question that creeps in is “Am I doing anything better”. Trust me, more often than not, the answer has always been NO. Makes me wonder, Gosh I really don’t do many things at all, atleast not properly! But there is a certain beauty in that question. I have often ventured out, most times out of the comfort zone. The natural tendency was the inertia to stay put in one place since I was very comfortable there. But this question somehow kept goading me into action, into things stranger than the other. If I am not doing anything better, why not try this one out. Probably the one question that also helped this decision making was, what can I learn out of this. And whenever the answer was something positive, I guess that somehow managed to explain the decision making.

Well I wouldn’t advocate this as the perfect method, but I would want to ask that question – What if I lose? What indeed? Most of the fears we have against doing something new, something out of our comfort zone are the perceived ones, probably because we are staring at the end of unknown? But what if we are doing that? I mean is the fear of losing out that big that it wouldn’t even let us try? And if it is doing that, are we that small that we are going to let a fear control it?


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