what holds you back

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Have you been in a place where someone asked you to do something and you denied saying that it is not what you think you are? Have you felt that it was below your demeanour to go out to do it and someone else should take care of it? And WHY is that?

Is it because of what you think you are? Is it because of what you think you are not? I am not going to try and get into a debate on the details of the quote. But it does certainly make me think – How many times have we denied doing something, not to others but to ourselves. I am referring to those activities where a part of our mind said it was exciting to do it and the other part pulled out for a very justifiable reason. Well the reasons most times are very justifiable. But that’s certainly not what we are trying to address, are we? We are trying to look at something beyond these reasons. Something that provides us a deeper meaning and an opportunity to flex.

I remember I had denied getting on the stage to make a speech cos I thought I was not a person who would be good at it. Turns out after many years I realize I am very good at it and I make a living out of it, infact a very good one. What changed? Certainly I did not change as a person. I did not magically catch hold of a magic wand which made me a different person. It was perhaps that thought of saying well, if I can define myself as something I cannot, what if I define myself as the one who can? Well perhaps that can make a difference…


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8 thoughts on “what holds you back

  1. but ,there will be instances where what we think we r not has actually helped us in a big way,.an ias officer saying no to the contractor to indulge in something dishonest..so i guess , all this has a meaning only on the context and it really requires constant attention towards oneself and his value system to determine who we are and what we are and obviously what we r not..

    1. Hi Phani, thanks for stopping by and your views. I certainly do agree. When it comes to motivation I guess it’s very difficult to objectify a situation and a scenario. Like you said most thoughts are in context only. Also another way of looking at the instance you quoted, it is also what you think you are – an honest man :).. And to what extent is something which defines the further actions:)

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