What does it take to irritate you?

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Well, what does it really take to irritate you, to piss you off, to make you feel livid? Does it take someone to cut you across on the road, does it take someone to add a little more salt or a little less ketch up on your breakfast? Does it take someone to actually hit you on your nose and make you bleed? Well take your pick, I believe there are/would have been/ will be times when each one of these would  have irritated us to the core and stages where the same things would not matter at all.

What changed? What made the shift between the first feeling to this? Is it that we realized that anger is useless? Is it that we felt tired getting angry? Is it that we realize that the more angry we get at things, the more it hurts us instead of serving the purpose? I was reading somewhere where it said– The True essence of happiness is when it takes very little to make you happy and a lot to make you sad. I am paraphrasing of course, but you can’t argue with the logic. The more you keep getting angry over smaller things, the more you realize that it is these things which own you over you owning them.

And most times like Carl Jung says, what makes you angry gives us a much better understanding of ourselves. There are layers of anger – Irritation, being miffed, being livid or even finding the humor in it. I am not saying we should give up anger once in for all .That way I would be preaching and I do understand it is mortally impossible to give it up. Anger certainly is a useful emotion, we just have to put it in the right place and use it constructively. Meanwhile I would still say, the more it takes to anger you, the better you are. Cos there is no stopping the small things in life, there is no way you can change what the circumstances are, but you can always have control as to how you react to them, That defines you better than anything else. So its just  a decision away – whether you let the outcomes control you or you take control of the many things around you. It all comes down to a choice!



17 thoughts on “What does it take to irritate you?

  1. This is awesome and true. There is a need for this introspection and actually this can help us understand ourselves better.

    1. Thank you ManiParna.. True, I completely agree, very very hard to follow. But I guess we can always try, everything worthwhile came through a bit of practice, maybe this too does need a bit of it 🙂

    1. He he, I too am quite irritated by that Indu. Then I feel that only the insecure ones find the need to brag, I guess it feels a little easier to laugh at how immature they are in perception and feel happy that we are above it!

  2. good post…as always useful, practical and simply put! carl jung is a great reference..love his quotes.

    1. IVR systems in any customer care that i hopefully wait through till i get to a human only to be told that the systems are down!!!!( i realize interacting with a computer is much more fruitful than a customer care official especially in banks ..net banking is a boon)
    2. lies and blind faith that leads people to believe the lies.
    3. breaking trust.

    but i did figure out after several incidents that detach(from the situation), deploy(reasoning and positive thoughts), and destroy (the very memory of the incident) has helped me to move on in both simple and tough circumstances 🙂

    1. Yea, I have been a huge fan of his words. It’s amazing how these people encapsulate so much in a simple sentence!

      1) He he, I hate them too, what a pain. I wish there was a short cut of keys and numbers to get to them.
      2) Yea, I guess it sorta angers me too and the other emotions sometimes make me laugh at myself as well.
      3) That is a hard one, I guess that would hurt me more than anger me… I would probably deal with anger much easier than that.

      That’s a nice one – Detach, deploy and destroy. I wish I could use this in the article 😉

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