What are the choices you have in Life?

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Well, if I ask the question above, I am sure the answers are plenty, varied in fields, intensities and dimensions as well. But as per Waitley, you just have one choice in life. I am sure, no matter how much we try to control the happenings in our life, there definitely shall be a few which are out of our grasp where things happen a little differently than planned. Although we would love a perfect situation where nothing ever goes wrong and everything falls into the grand scheme and plan of things, our experiences so far have proved otherwise.

But the question is, what do we do when something like that happens? We may accept it the way it happens, curse our luck and try identify what or whom to put the blame on and try to move on in life. In other words, we have simply accepted defeat cos some of the circumstances told us so and we do not want to pursue any further. The other way is to look at it as an outcome, see what part of the outcome you like and what part of the outcome doesn’t make sense to you. The part that doesn’t make sense needs to be addressed, accept it, acknowledge it and appreciate the opportunity it presents. Then work on it for the solution you actually want out of life. If we choose to sit and lament, there are a thousand things we can feel bad about. But the real juice of life is not in that. The real beauty is in ownership, nothing happens to us out of the blue and strikes us like a bolt of lightning! It happens for a reason and the reason is what we get to either explain or work on. The way we see it, the ball is in your court no matter what the occurrences are!



4 thoughts on “What are the choices you have in Life?

  1. nice point. well said..if we choose to lament there are several things to lament about. while some blame their stars and how bad their time is, others blame it on fate and karma. do you believe in fate and/or karma? 🙂 while most do have the choice you are talking about…there are others who don’t. but i do agree that a simple change of outlook and the motivation to look for an opportunity in calamity is something we do need these days where even a 10 year old has to deal with “stress” and ‘peer pressure”!! let me stop here…i can go on and on! 😛

    1. Thank you Preethi :).. he he he 😀 So very true… I think a few words have become a lot more common than we want them to. I wonder how people use these words so easily – Nervous breakdown, pandemonium, etc.. instead of tension, confusions, and so on.. I guess at some point we have to step in and say – hey it definitely is not as bad as it seems, it is going to be easier 🙂

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