What are the Blocks to my Happiness?

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A woman asked me recently,

“What are the blocks to my happiness?”

I said,

“The Belief that you have blocks”.

— Dr. Wayne Dyer

Now the questions that come to my mind are

  • What exactly are limitations? – If I may use synonyms for the same, I could go with shortcomings, hindrances, roadblocks, resistance and many other words. No matter what I use, the effect remains the same and the message it is trying to convey is still negative.
  • What is their purpose? – Is it there to help  us? Is it there to keep us on a check so that we don’t go overboard in promising or trying to deliver something? Or is it just there to make sure that we don’t get too excited and try things beyond our scope
  • What are they trying to say? – Well are they saying that we should stop doing something cos they are there or is it that we need to strengthen ourselves to make that something happen?
  • What if they are there? Well they will always be there won’t they? They will challenge us, put us down, make us feel a little bad, make us curse, make us cry.. But what if they are there? Wouldn’t the question be, how much of an impact I am allowing that to have on me?
  • What if they are not there? Well this would be the best bet! The sky would be the limit and nothing to stop us. The feeling of being omnipotent, invincible and absolutely great.

But, I guess the challenges have their own beauty. That is the only way we get to grow, improve and start getting better at things so that we have better limitations to address, better challenges to overcomes and better problems to resolve. It would be unfair if I let a few limitations decide the fate of my emotions. I would like to fight a bit more :).


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