The inspiration and the content for the article below is the brainchild of my friend Nikhil who has been immensely supportive of this site. The article and its thought dedicated to him for the ideas and their interpretation

How to identify true passion in life?

It is a very interesting phase when people ask us how to realize our true passions in life. Certain tenets say that passion needs a lot of work, it needs identifying what you really feel for, what you are committed to do to make it happen, trying to find ways to make it happen and finally seeing it happen and above all when you see this, sustaining it so that you do not lose interest in the process.

But compulsion also makes sense!

On the other hand compulsion is a lot simpler, that way you have a few commitments in life which you are trying to keep up, you need to do a certain things to keep up to those and that way you remove the subjectivity of your liking from it, which brings you to simple math where you need to do X things in order to achieve Y in life.

What do people work for?

In essence, what do people work for in the end? Is it the word passion, is it the word compulsion? Or better yet, is it the mix of both. On one of our previous articles, we talked about how we need to do the things we don’t like in order to do the things we like. Although that seemed fairly simple, we did talk about one concept of compulsion which is necessary for us to make sure that we have enough opportunities to keep working on our passion.

What actually drives us?

Now coming to the question as to what actually drives us, I would certainly say that it is both of them but it has to be in a fair mix. No matter what we do, I guess there will come certain situations where we do things we don’t like – maybe for compulsion, commitment or maybe to even maintain a promise which we had made to someone. I guess it is sometimes very hard to escape the fact that it takes a lot of compulsion to even find our true passion and sometimes we realize that the passion seems to be that dense only cos the compulsion drove us there.

The only thing that makes the difference!

Either ways, I believe it is only one thing that makes the difference, whether your reasons are compulsion or passion, how you do it is the only thing that counts. The only way I think I can suggest is to give it all you got. The route of passion can make your life a little easier and give you a lot more reasons to smile and a route of compulsion might offer you the force that is needed to achieve that something. The only point I would like to drive here would be this – Give it all you got! Your reasons are your reasons, and that is the one strong belief we all work for and can make a difference. In that case, why not do your best for the same?


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  1. Good piece of writing Nikhil. I am highly impressed. Best of luck.

    In practical life I guess it is the mix of both passion and compulsion for which anyone works for. But yes it depends on each of the individuals choice.

    • Thank you Alok. I think sometimes we do give a lot more importance to words than they deserve. Sometimes it is just the threadbare reality saying – “Just Do it”. 🙂

  2. This is awesome post. Passion according to me is a bike and it can’t run on the road to success if we are not fueling it with dedication.

    Our mind and soul is rider, passion is a bike, dedication is fuel, hardships are the road and aim is our destination. The problems and hurdles are the speed breakers and rain or patch on the road.

    😀 this is my definition of passion.

    • Thank you Nitin 🙂 .. That is a beautiful metaphor with the comparison to a bike and a rider. And like you said, there is no point in calling something passion unless we are feeding it with the fuel of dedication 🙂

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