‘Wear Sunscreen’ : A Great Advice You May Need

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 ‘Wear Sunscreen’  If someone advises you like this don’t you think it’s a peculiar one? Well! This was an essay written by Mary Schmich, a journalist who published this in Chicago Tribune Column in 1997.  An year later this was made into a song by Baz Luhrmann with the title “Everybody’s Free(To Wear Sunscreen)

This is mostly the simplest and one of the greatest advice someone could give you. Watch it and we are sure it would bring a smile on  your face with a ‘feel-good’ feeling.

Be honest and tell us what you felt. Didn’t the video bring a smile on your face?

There are plenty of  people who make you feel like an useless creature, they even treat you bad and disrespect you. There are plenty of situations which puts you down, makes you feel helpless and wants you to give up. But there is only one to trust and comfort you. And that one will win you out of every possible terrible situations and people in life. Did you recognize the one I was talking about?  Isn’t he very close to YOU? Wait… He is inseparable! That one person is YOU.  When you start appreciating yourself then the world gradually starts appreciating you and when you start standing up for yourself then everything else seems possible.

The video talks a lot about enjoying the youth and the beauty of youth but we know it conveys much more than that. It serves a beautiful message on enjoying life. It advises to see a happier side amidst frustrations and breakdowns and  most importantly to learn to appreciate and love oneself.

Every time I hear this I feel good and I am not sure if I would wear sunscreen often but I would definitely listen to it often 😀

 ‘Wear Sunscreen’ because ‘Everybody’s Free(To Wear Sunscreen)’ 🙂

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