We will always have reasons

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we'll always have reasons, what we want is more important, dreams are bigger than you, J.K.Rowling quotes

Ever heard the statement – ‘Your dreams are bigger than you’. I have sometimes laughed at it and sometimes mocked it and all the same I have been wowed by it. I have been in a few phases where the phrase meant nothing and at sometimes it meant everything.

 All along, it has been so easy to be caught up in the routine of things – school, education, job and then probably family, friends and what not. I guess when it came to the dream, the aspiration – a lot of times, I have given myself reasons as to why something may not happen and have found a way to justify it and be at peace with myself. Sounds familiar?

Well I guess it was not very hard to find that peace but perhaps peace was not what I was trying to search for, maybe I was searching for the meaning of the above statement, it doesn’t really matter where you are, what you want to do makes a little bit of a difference.

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