We Make A Life By What We Give – Winston Churchill

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we make a living by what we give winston churchill quote meaning, meaning of quotes, thought for the day, the act of giving meaning, winston churchill on giving “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”

– Winston Churchill

I guess not many quotes keep it as simple as this – the difference between making a living and making a life.

Being a brand of motivation, it is not very easy for us to stay away from romanticism and although the above quote feels like romanitcism where we uphold the greater good of people around us, life around us and also making others happy, the focus of this site has mostly been internal and we promise you we will stay by that today too.

The First Part

The first part of the quote needs no explanation – it is quite a straight forward one. We work, we are into a job, we make our money and use that for our everyday life and thus we make a living. That takes care of the physiological and physical needs of ours. Don’t get me wrong, these are extremely necessary and play an important part in our life. If these problems are not solved, then there is no point in talking about the higher level problems. It is just like Vivekananda said – you can’t teach spirituality to the poor without eliminating hunger first. The base needs need to be solved and in our case it is not just hunger, it is our rent, house, food, travel and so on..

Our True Identity

But as we all know, that is just one part of who we are and what we stand for. Our true identity is in the values and the so called morals we stand for. These are the values which defined who we are as a person, what our perception of the world is and how we feel that we contribute to the world – both externally and internally. We have never professed philanthropy on this site and we are not going to do it this time as well, but we sure are going to talk about being a part of the society and the higher morals we all have.

Giving something to someone is one of the most highly rated acts no matter which religious texts we take – whether it is the Koran or the Bhagawadgita or even the bible for that matter. All of them profess that we contribute to the lives around us. But I guess that alone is not sufficient for the modern day world. We also need to know why and at some point we also need to know what we gain out of it. Although we know the answers and the answers are peace of mind, tranquillity, the sense of association, caring for a fellow human being, moral responsibility and so on.

The Truth Is

But the truth is, it is a beautiful feeling to give something to someone, makes us feel a little more connected to ourselves, makes us feel a little more alive and makes us feel that we belong somewhere. We are again not professing charity here. Giving something need not mean money, it means time and energy, it means your emotions, it means your love and gratitude. These are the emotions which you keep gaining when you give out. The more you love someone else, the more you get in return. The more you give out, the more richness you feel within which makes you feel like contributing more.

And we have always spoken about gratitude and how that makes us feel, how it takes us to a whole new life altogether. Carrying on from what we had talked about in our post: The 7 Rewards of Fulfilment In A Thank You,  Life sure is a beautiful thing and we can connect to someone else only when we give in to their situations, their challenges and their lives. All we are suggesting here is a slight change in the outlook towards life, a little bit of kindness, a little bit of love and a little bit of consideration and compassion. None of these demand your money. It is a very shallow way of helping someone when you think of only money and nothing else. It is the most unoriginal and even boring way to try and help someone out.

Money Is Not The Only Answer

People have different challenges just like you and I do. And most important of all are not the physical challenges but the emotional ones. So, step out of that zone of yours where life revolves around you. I don’t call it being selfish, I would simply say that we need to step out of our daily problems and daily routine – not because we can  single handedly change the world or we ought to. But for the reason that we can change our world and the perspective of it. And that my friend is going to take us all a long way out there.

So, give in a little more to get a lot more in return. And sure enough, we make a living by what we give and not just by what we get.

I apologize if we have given the feeling that we have strayed a bit from the topic here, but the end point and our thought for the day is just that – look alive, think a little beyond and you have a wonderful life for yourself and the others around you which again adds to the quality of your life.

This was our thought for the day. Stay tuned in for more.

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11 thoughts on “We Make A Life By What We Give – Winston Churchill

  1. What a wonderful quote, Vinay! And, you have explained the crux of it nicely…:-)

  2. Aptly said Vinay! Our life depends upon what we give for we get beyond our expectations in return but unfortunately very few believe in this simple formula.

    1. Thank you Fayaz. I think it is a very practical way of looking at life when we think of giving back to the society or the cause we believe. It is never for the cause that society needs our help, it would be very immature of us to think that. The society will have its saviours, what we do is for our personal satisfaction and well being and that alone.

      I agree with you, very few believe in that simple formula and to be very honest, even I belong to that category. Even I am a lot selfish when it comes to my personal life, but the act of trying sets a huge difference cos none of us can be completely consistent all the time. We all slip, we all make mistakes, but the brilliance is in standing up to our principles as many number of times as possible.

  3. Good but please do not use Winston churchill
    He is the same man who diverted grains etc from Bengal to Europe which led to famines Killing Lacs of people of hunger ,so whatever he says is completely illogical.
    Please read some history before quoting any man.

    1. Thanks Anshul, but I think you missed the point. As a writer, I am obligated to name the person in the quote. If you observe the article, you can see that we are not adulating Winston Churchill nor are we passing a judgement on him. As for the history, it goes the way it is document and I am well aware of what you said and it was not just the grains.

      But that being said, the article is very little about Churchill, the article is about a principle and principle alone without the cloak of judgement attached to it. I would appreciate it if it is looked the same way. And I would really appreciate it if the comment was based on the post and not on the opinion of a man and his actions. For, we both know that the site is not about Churchill or Hitler or anyone else, it is a personal platform , a mature platform where we can steer clear from the clouds of judgement around a name or a man and I think it would be real mature to respect that.

    1. Indeed Somali, the sense of satisfaction sure is a very rich feeling. Couldn’t agree more, there is a very thin line between romanticism and that and romanticism is a great thing indeed, it adds that charm to life which usually is amiss in the normal drudgery sometimes.

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