Wanting to be a millionaire

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How about the richest man saying this for a change?! I have constantly asked myself as to what the utmost ideal in life should be. Whether it is money, making a difference, creating a social change, a renaissance, becoming a godly creature…. And so on.. We all have a set of definitions for ideals don’t we. Although most times I do convince myself that money is not the most important ideal in the world, it certainly makes me feel that I could definitely use a million dollars. I certainly do not know how it feels like, I might feel the exact same way as the quote above. But I would definitely like to find out.

There are two ways of looking at things we want, we can look at them and say that they are beyond grasp, call the vines sour and try to be satisfied with what we have. The other – know the fruits you are after, try to your hearts content to achieve them, then tell us how you feel. You might feel the exact same way, you might feel the whole journey might not have been necessary at all. But there is a difference between knowledge and realization. At this end I might say that I don’t have any use for a million USD but that doesn’t mean that I am worth it. The moment I prove my worth for the same, everything changes. It is a different feeling achieving something and saying that it is not the most important thing in the world. That is called simplicity. While it is completely different to say that there is nothing more important than satisfaction in life and that is called being a monk. And there is this middle way where we cry out that the grapes are sour, lets face it, that is simply sad!



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