Communication: The sound of your voice

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Communication: The sound of your voice

I find it as a special attraction to write about communication, its intricacies and how beautifully it can effect a change. Sharing a video of TED TALKS by Julian Treasure.

Introduction : Julain Treasure is an expert in the mastery of sound in speaking and listening and how it affects our lives. He is a 5 time Ted Talks speaker and we all know not anyone gets to be a TED TALKS speaker :). He is also the author of the book – SOUND BUSINESS talking about the impact of your pitch, variation and above all a fibre and fragment of communication – YOUR VOICE


Take Aways from the Talk – There are 7 deadly sins of speaking, you might want to stead clear of these.. 

1) GOSSIP – We obviously know that it is not a great habit!

2) Judging – It is hard to be judging and seeking at the same time.

3) Negativity – It is hard to Listen!

4) Complaining – Well this is the national sport!

5) Excuses – We have all met this guy, or maybe even been this guy!

6) Exaggeration – If you use BIG words for everything, what do you do for something really BIG?

7) Dogmatism – The confusion of facts with opinions!

You might want to stick to HAIL = 

1) Honesty – Well he is not talking about absolute honesty but it is something which is about trustworthiness

2) Authenticity – Bring what you have inside you, people want to listen to you cos of you!

3) Integrity – Stick to your words, it is not about just what you say, it is also about what you do.

4) Love – It shows everywhere, no matter what you do.. You need to show that you care..

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14 thoughts on “Communication: The sound of your voice

  1. Whoa ! treasure-mine of good videos & good insights. Ty Vinay for sharing this nice video again. Gotta tell u I am fan of his videos. Listening skills, talk pitch & just sound…he made sound , sounds so interesting. good wishes.

    1. Thank you Ruchi :). I am glad to hear that you are liking these videos. We started this as a new segment on inspire99 and were anxious to know how they were being received. Kinda relieved to know that they are making a good impact 🙂

    1. Thank you Alok, we are fairly selecting the videos which we like and the theme which corners around Inspire99. Happy that you like them, a good feedback for us to keep going in this front 🙂

  2. Guess what … i had seen this video 2 days back .. and even i was thinking to share this with all the insights/summary about the 5 min presentation he gave on my blog … but here you go .. you have already mentioned it ! 🙂

  3. Hahaha…complaining is a national sport, I agree! He speaks so much sense. I mean these things are all around us, sometimes coming out of our mouths and sometimes listening to them coming from someone else – yet we sometimes just accept these things without wanting to do anything about it.
    Thanks for this amazing share 🙂

    1. He he he 😀 😀 .. It is a beautiful video and Ted Talks they are amazing as always. I have always loved it as a concept, adding value to so many people’s lives 🙂

  4. Very valid suggestions. If one speaks from the heart people listen. Convictions are important.

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