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Until the Lion Learns

Somebody once said to me – “History is a collection of opinions, not facts”. I was back then a young student who profusely argued saying that history is all about facts since it mentioned so many dates and the chronological order and so on. Looking back, if I think about this now – all these aspects of histories, the stories were written by someone else and there is no way it can be dissociated from the person writing it.

A very interesting factor about history is that there is no way, we can get to know the complete picture. If you were a king, you would naturally prevent people from writing against you. And there would be the royal patrons who constantly glorify the king endlessly. End of the day, we will never hear the true story to form a complete picture – kinda like the media these days right? 😀

“Until the lion learns how to write, every story, will glorify the hunter”

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As we think of the purpose of this proverb becoming the quote of the day – we all have a tendency to glorify successes and make these achievers the amazing idols – people who had some extraordinary abilities, something which made them great. While doing so, we dissociate ourselves from these idols and ideals because we also start a rationalisation that we are different people and probably do not possess the same amount of resources and qualities to get us there. Each aspect of these heroes is glorified to such an extent that there seems to be a common trend in believing that all these people were uncommon ones.

The Reality

Very little information is provided about the real emotions even they went through, all the challenges they faced are again glorified to such an extent that you would start admiring them so much that every move they have done seems to appear as the perfect one and we would certainly like to be like them – after all, they are our ideals/idols right? But, very little is told about the ‘Human doubts, challenges’ they faced, the emotional struggle they had to go through to make that happen.

In other words, very little effort is made to tell the truth and make them appear like normal people with normal challenges and obstacles – just like us. Of course they pursued something and did something great. They are a great example for us to be able to do something too, but not to be worshipped or cast away. Truth be told, we all have our own lives to handle and these idols fulfil us with a great deal of motivation and inspiration to take our lives ahead. Perhaps a greater sense is in looking at them like that and what it means to our life and just leave it at that! Like the proverb says, there is no way we will know the complete story. Smart thing to do is to identify what works the best for us and what implications it will have on our lives. After all, our lives are way bigger for us, isn’t it?

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  1. I agree with the quote, every story has two sides or perhaps, many sides. It just depend on the perspectives. We will never come to know the complete truth behind it so it’s better leaving it to what it is. Great post, Vinay.

    • Thank you Deeshani.. True, I think any story we come across will just be a representation and there is no real way of knowing. I guess that is where our conscience and logic come into picture so that we make the most sense of the half information provided.

    • Thank you Fayaz. I think that is where the entire truth lies – in our interpretation and the implementation to our lives and eventually what we would like to make out of it.

  2. Coming from a family of historians I would say you have put words to my thoughts. I was often told your forefathers just muged up some dates and events . I often wanted to tell them that my folks tried to analyse the events to find causes and effects on humans rather than look at the superhuman side mentioned by court historians. A great post..

    • Thank you mate :). He he, I have a couple of history professors in my family too, even they tend to glorify the past as if it were some magic and like you said these people or kings were super human and stuff like that. I guess end of the day, they too were very simple people and some of them had a lot of pundits around them who wrote some very good lies 😀 😛