International Peacekeeper Award To Indian Shakti Devi

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International Peacekeeper Award To Indian Shakti Devi


Indian Police inspector Shakti Devi has been awarded with ‘International Female Police Peacekeeper’ Award 2014. A proud moment for India, for India being one of the largest contributor to UN peacekeeping operations.

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UN Awards Shakti Devi of India ‘International Female Peacekeeper’  2014 Award
Who is Shakti Devi?

Shakti Devi is a Police inspector who worked for over 14 years with the Jammu and Kashmir Police Organization. She is currently serving for the United Nations mission in Afghanistan.

What is ‘International Peacekeeper’ Award?

It’s an honour honoured for exceptional achievements in peacekeeping with the UN peace operation.

Peacekeeping by the United Nations is an unique and dynamic instrument developed by the Organization as a way to help countries torn by conflict to create the conditions for lasting peace.

Who Are Peacekeepers?

Peacekeepers monitor and observe peace processes in post-conflict areas and assist ex-combatants to implement the peace agreements which is signed.

What are Shakti Devi’s Achievements?

Shakti Devi has worked for the improvement of the status of female police. She has been successful in helping the police of Afghanistan move towards achieving their goals in adopting democratic principles of policing. She has been a consistent worker for helping victims of sexual and gender-based violence.


Shakti Devi’s contribution for peacekeeping is an example for all of us to abide by peace and harmony. Lets spread peace,lets spread happiness 🙂

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