Ultimate Definition Of Forgiveness! – Oprah

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I never heard a perception of forgiveness  like this before. Watch the video and you will end up with a completely new perception on forgiving yourself or something which happened in your life.

Letting go of the past is the crucial and the most necessary step to move ahead in life. Have you ever thought about the definition you associate to it or the story you tell yourself to move ahead in life? Well this is the best definition of forgiveness I have ever heard –“Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could be any different”

I love the way Oprah differentiates between the two ways of acceptances in life. “Accepting that it has happened” and “Accepting that it was ok to happen.”

Just try thinking about an unpleasant incident which bothers you or an incident you always wanted to let go off your life. Try repeating the two statements. When you say “it was ok to happen”  you still feel a percent of sympathy or a percent of pity left within saying “This shouldn’t have happened but its ok I have to deal with it” but when you say “It has happened” It immediately stops your mind from cribbing further about the incident and allows you to get over it quicker. Observe how the mind feels a surge of positive energy when you say “It has happened” and that gush of energy heals you quicker as your mind is all ready to move ahead.

I may be a little exaggerating when I say that the “It has happened” sentence immediately stops your mind from cribbing. I agree it takes a few repetitions of the sentence but it heals quicker because you are feeding you mind with more positive energy and more solutions instead of self sympathizing to overcome your past.

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