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The 30 day challenge to do something new, simple easy ways to improve the quality of life

I came across this video in TED TALKS, a video of MATT CUTTS where he talks about a 30 day challenge, a challenge to start something new, do something new for the next 30 days. Here are a few top thoughts from the talk

1) What is it that you always wanted to do, something simple, something you know, something that will take you out of the rut you have imposed on yourself?

2) Do it for the next 30 days, turns out that 30 days is the right amount of time for you to do that so that it becomes a part of you subconsciously

3) Taking a new decision thinking that it is of permanence is a huge ordeal, it takes a lot of emotions in play. Try it for 30 days instead, it puts less pressure on you, you have an option to get back if you don’t like and can try and work out a different mechanism if the current doesn’t work- you have a greater flexibility this way.

4) We have always talked about dreams as the BIG TICKET items, something that takes a lot of effort and a lot of work. Well, it need not, it can be as simple as this, as easy as this, as doable as the 30 day challenge 🙂

5) Well, what are you waiting for? Think of something that you have always wanted to do and give it 30 days!



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