Troubles – Past or future, you can handle them

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Sometimes I guess it makes most sense to pick the funny bone. As simple as the quote seems, I certainly love a few parts about it. Dr.Seuss distinctly talks about two parts of troubles, some from the past and some from the future and they somehow make sure that they are well wired into the system. The fear of the past stems from our experiences while growing up, the thing very real and very close to us to touch and feel and naturally we start responding to that. Most times I have often wondered if I am actually trying to react to a situation or an experience in the past and sub consciously trying to avoid that pain!

On the other hand, the fear of future is quite valid too. This particularly stems at the time of making a decision. The uncertainty which plays a huge role in our life is quite a fantastic thing if we try to live with that. It brings along with itself, new hopes and thoughts, challenges and above all a shift in our own selves widening beyond the limits either self imposed or real.

Perhaps the best thing to do is to realize that there are going to be scenarios, some in the past and some of the future and they are as natural and real as you and me. The sanest thing to do is to accept it when it happens and be sure that we have ample power in us to face it and perhaps win over it as well. I am not saying it is easy but I am certainly saying that it is not impossible. 


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