Trouble With Quotes On The Internet Is That You Never Know What Is True

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One of our well wishers suggested that we should be less philosophical and more practical in our approach towards articles on the site. We have had immense respect to all the comments and feedback we have gotten over the years and we have tried to incorporate them on our site and this article is a response keeping the most recent feedback in mind. So, instead of glorifying our quotes, we try to pick up something that sounds more ‘realistic’!

And while we are at it, today’s realistic quote is the one which caught most traction on our FB page. We sincerely thank the source for it and since the information is limited, let us for now call the source anonymous.

Coming to the trouble with internet quotes

Trouble with quotes 1: You never know what is real

Truth of the matter is that we never get to know what is real and what is not. In the end all we are left is with multiple interpretations. In our experience, we have seen so many quotes and each one of these have been stretched out in so many different dimensions. The most realistic ones seem to have a philosophical connotation with them while the most philosophical ones seem to be extremely realistic sometimes.

And honestly, do we ever get to know what it truly is? Different people including us keep making up so many meanings of it. And each of them seems to have an ounce of truth in some way. But what is the ultimate truth?

Maybe it makes more sense not to venture in there cos there is a real danger of getting too philosophical!

Trouble With Quotes 2: What did they mean when they say it?

Someone once said that history is full of facts – someone else said that these facts were also written by some people which simply means that it was their opinion which made up these facts. So, I will let you decide whether history is full of facts or full of opinions. Each quote has been made in a context and the context has been about history, the beliefs of that time, the culture, the way of life of people. Sometimes it is just too wrong to imagine that they perfectly align with the current state of mind and the current culture as well. The point is to take everything with a pinch of salt – including this one 🙂

Trouble with Quotes 3 : What does it mean to us?

Ultimately, it all boils down to the “So What?” question. In fact when we put up this post, some people messaged me on the phone asking if I was insane saying that it was by Abraham Lincoln. It took a little time to make the connection with a self defeating and paradoxical quote I guess. But maybe this is the importance we assign to quotes. Sometimes it makes me wonder what is more important – whether it is the quote or the person who actually said it. And sometimes I think there is a confusion to be right and not to make a mistake about this. But our idea is – “So What?”. We make mistakes and sometimes purposefully so, the big picture kinda steals the show doesn’t it?

PS: Hope this wasn’t too philosophical ;). This was our quote of the day, stay tuned in for more.

Vinay Nagaraju

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