Tougher challenges make you better

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It’s a great referential quote used here and can easily be generalized to a person and his/her challenges/opportunities/difficulties/adversities.

  • True, the situations are tough but that is going to bring the tougher part of us, we are not going to wither down and bow to the challenges
  • Every difficulty is an opportunity/challenge, it might not appear like that rightaway but looking back all our difficulties, challenges have somehow find a way to make us better and easen out things for us.
  • Everytime something goes wrong, gratitude is a great way to counter it, the moment one thanks the problem, a certain weight lifts off from the shoulder, a strange sense of complacence and at the same time responsibility kicks in. It is great to thank the adversities, cos we can never grow without them.
  • When we succeed we tend to party and when we fail we tend to ponder, looking back, all the situations we have pondered about have led us somewhere haven’t they?
  • All said and done, it is all about building character, personality. Like Shakespear said, there is a tempest before a calm and the night is the darkest just before dawn. The challenge is hanging there and making the best out of it, cos what comes out is something more than any of these words can ever say.

Smile I say, it’s gonna pass!


9 thoughts on “Tougher challenges make you better

  1. :)Thank you for promoting my post and guiding me to ur world that inspires. Firstly pls accept my compliments on this beautiful page of urs. Artistic and peaceful that’s how i felt.
    okay now pls educate me on ” manadaalada maatugalu mukta manassininda”. Is this Kannada or Telgu??? and what does it mean?

    1. Thank you for such kind words Shivani.. It was a great post, it was the least I could do.

      Very happy to hear such lovely compliments. As you rightly identified, it’s Kannada. It means – the deepest voices of the mind liberated and establishing themselves thro words .

      You’re the first one whos asked about it and it feels so great writing about. Thank you Shivani 🙂

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