Inside The Mind of A Master Procrastinator

The Master Procrastinator

It had been quite some time since we talked about a Ted Talk video and I am very happy that we came across the one today, the mind of a master procrastinator.

We all know that procrastination is not the most friendly thing considering our goals and ambitions, yet we all do it at some level. There is a great inspiration in the last moment of the deadline which brings out the adrenaline rush in us which makes us concentrate better and astound ourselves with results which we had not thought about. That’s quite simply the beauty of a procrastinator or that is what I believe when I am doing a project close to the deadline. Although I thoroughly enjoy the last minute rush, over time I realise that I have shot myself in the foot more than once with that approach.

Although it feels that things are working great and I am going good, it still gives me very little time to actually read through what report I have made and check any errors. Granted that I would have done the work in less effective time in total, I would have still put myself through all those unnecessary pressures and stress which might not have helped the process of getting the work done. In that sense, we would love to share this video with you where Tim Urban talks about how the mind of a master procrastinator works and why we do what we do.

After a brief look at the video,I really enjoy the science behind it – makes me really understand how my brain works. I understand why I push away certain things and wait for the last minute

  • Sometimes I do it because I feel that it is easy and can do it faster later.
  • Sometimes I do it because I think that it is too difficult and things might get easier with time.
  • Sometimes I do it because I am just damn lazy to do anything of it.

I think no matter what the reasons are, the end result is pretty much the same in the essence that the mind of a master procrastinator has effectively contributed to reducing my efficiency.

The Master Procrastinator: It Makes Sense But…

Thing is although I understand these and these things make sense to me, there is something within which holds me back from jumping to my work desk and getting things done. Maybe it is the fact that I haven’t understood the joy in completing things before hand, maybe I have missed out on the fun of being on top of things – well there is an incentive.

I think most times as Tony Robbins says, there are two things that motivate us – Pain and Pleasure. For some reason, at some level there is an association of pain of having to do something right away and the pleasure of postponing it. The simple reason being that we can use the same time to have fun and do something we really enjoy. Maybe we don’t have enough reasons to enjoy the act of completing a task on time.

Somewhere it makes me believe that the answer is in an intelligent and conscious mix of the two to bring in a sense of urgency within us to attain our goals. It is not the easiest thing on earth, but it is a much better feeling being in control of things and do a great job at what we are working on.

Well, that’s me as the master procrastinator speaking, maybe you have some ideas which can really help to procrastinate the procrastination. Please do share your tips to ward off procrastination and I am sure our readers will benefit a lot from that.

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Maybe It’s My Fault: Michael Jordan Nike Video

Maybe It’s My Fault: 

I feel quite enriched today sharing this Michael Jordan Video – a simple 1 minute Nike commercial which makes you think about a few things which we usually take for granted. And when Jordan says – ‘Maybe It’s My Fault’, it makes you think – what on earth is he talking about. But then, the video below answers it all.

And yeah like he says, maybe it is his fault or maybe be the fault of all those legendary heroes who have achieved some extraordinary things – maybe the Sachin Tendulkar of Cricket, or Federer of Tennis, Jackson of singing, Anthony Robbins of motivational speaking… The list goes on forever. ‘Maybe it is their fault’ that things seem so easy that we almost take it for granted that ‘Excellence is easy’.

But you and me both know how big a lie that is. On one of our earlier posts, we had talked about 5 things you did not know about Michael Jordan. The media has a tendency to talk about successes and highlight them. And we as common people are bombarded by these advertisements, it makes us feel used to the achievements and we start expecting more and more. Not just out of them, but also out of ourselves as well.

And that is a great thing as Tony Robbins says because our life is known by the standards we keep for ourselves and with standards these high, we are bound to get somewhere extremely competitive and make a mark, create a story and make history. And that is the beauty of achievement. But something very crucial we miss out here most often is that – it is all made to appear too easy. I mean each time people talk about Jordan or Tendulkar, they talk about the results, they talk about the glorious hits they made and the successes they achieved. Very little is talked about the hard work they went through. And even if it is talked about, it is romanticised most often to create a perfect story because media knows the art of story telling and perhaps that’s why they say Maybe It’s My Fault.

But yeah, as prudent people, we do know or ought to know that there is truth beyond what we see or is shown to us. There is truth that all these achievements come through a lot of hard work. It is one thing to appreciate people for what they have done. It is one thing to think that they are lucky and superheroes and tell ourselves that we do not have enough to get there. It is one thing to feel that we are short of resources and support to achieve our dreams.

It is one thing to give reasons and another thing to find ways to get around them. There is almost always a solution and almost always a way to get to our dreams. Passion is a bright fire within us and the excuse is the cold water to dampen the spirits. What matters is our attitude towards it and how we respond to it. Rest of all is history in the making.

So when Michael Jordan can say ‘Maybe It’s My Fault’, maybe it is or maybe it isn’t – the question is – what does it mean to us?!

Stay tuned for more motivational videos

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15 Phrases You Will Never Hear Successful People Say – Motivational Videos

Motivational Videos: 15 Phrases You Will Never hear successful people say!

It is often very hard to make a segregation between successful and unsuccessful people. Although, we from inspire99 shall never accept those definitions, for the sake of simplicity – in this article, we shall look at a successful person as someone who reaches success in various endeavours on a consistent basis while the latter is the one who doesn’t.

The reason we are making this exception is because it was really hard for us not to share this well made video. It talks about the characteristic traits of successful people, some of which we can imbue in ourselves to make our approaches more effective and get us closer to the results we desire.

It was going to be quite lazy of us if we just shared the video and did not make any value addition to it. So, we thought we would take a step ahead and talk about the ways we can make use of this as a resource for our own individual development.

How to use this video:

Self Awareness:

The simplest path to achieving something in life is knowing who we are and what our strengths and weaknesses are. We are not going to profess that we should defeat the weaknesses and improve our strengths – I do agree that it is the ideal thing to say. But sharing what I have learnt in the past few months – it is great knowledge to be aware of our behaviours and the common things we do.

Sit With A Friend:

Sit down with a friend and watch this video. Make sure that this is a friend you can trust and completely rely on to give critical feedback. Just ask them if there are a few things from this video they have seen you doing – the positive ones which really show up the trait of you becoming a successful person.

Also ask them to point out about 2 of them which they think holds you back. Make sure it is just 2 and not more. You don’t necessarily have to agree with all they say, it is just to identify your common traits and remember it is all done for a bigger cause.


Make a check list out of this – let the check list have about 5 points mentioning the things that you can do to improve your probability of success. The points can be something like – taking more risks, taking the initiative, working closely with the team.

Whenever a new opportunity arises, just look at the list and immediately note down what you can do to exercise any of these new behaviours similar to that of the successful people so that you can start training yourself the new behaviour.

A Practical Tip

The ideal approach would be to make a list of all the 15 points, but we would request you to refrain from that temptation. Just maintain the list to 5 and start incorporating these behaviours one by one and without your knowledge you will get way closer to success than you started out. It is amazing what a little conscious effort can do to us.

These were our thoughts on the motivational video, do share us your thoughts and we would love to debate. This is going to be a new section for our website and your feedback is going to be extremely crucial. If you think this is going to be a value addition, we shall continue more posts like this so that inspire99 can be a little more useful.

Stay tuned for more such thoughts.

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Making Friends As An Adult: Social Skills In The Making

Making Friends as an Adult:

Came across this beautiful video by Buzzfeed about making friends

I believe this is a post for someone who has stepped out of college into the professional world and trying to rack their brains around the fact that life has become so different and complicated than it was during college. If I recall my old school and college days, I feel that it was such a bountiful time and all we had to worry about were the marks and the gossips about who we want to be friends with and not. And as time proceeds, we realise that something we miss the most is this friends circle and we wonder how it was so easy to meet and become friends with people in college and why it suddenly feels so difficult to come out of it and wonder where all this charm has gone.

Making Friends in college is easy

Very logical people have come out with very logical answers and some of the arguments I have heard

  1. We have very few responsibilities in college
  2. It is a safe environment, we feel protected
  3. We have a lot in common, common goals and common desires
  4. We are too busy in a professional set up.
  5. Professional people have deadlines to focus on and they are way too important to miss

To be honest, I think I have done all of that and still felt pretty bad doing that cos the bottom line was I was missing that part of life which seemed simpler and easier, where there were people around us to share and care. But then came all these responsibilities out of nowhere and made our lives boring and uninteresting.

What you can do to enable making friends

But as I come back to college now, I see that actually it is not that hard to make friend after all. All you need is the first step to get out of your chair and talk to someone. People are rarely as busy as they portray themselves to be. Not many of them are going to say no if you ask them  nicely for a coffee and try to know more about them. I know that the contexts are quite less but then again there are always opportunities to meet some amazing people. Previously we had talked about 10 helpful tips to make friends in work place. But here are a simple few to keep the discussion going –

  1. Joining some classes is a great way to meet new people
  2. How about signing up for these groups you care about – NGO’s, PETA, and so on where you have a common interest to strike a conversation.
  3. Sports is an amazing way to make friends and that is something which has worked amazingly for me. Some of the best friends I have are these sport buddies.
  4. Pick up hobbies which you can do with more people – Book clubs, recreation clubs and so on – there are so many of them.
  5. End of the day, you just need to make it a priority and you will see that things will start happening around you.

All you need sometimes is to step out of that comfort zone and friends really aren’t that hard to find.

Picture credits:

Video Source: Buzzfeed

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4 Secrets of Adulthood- Gretchen Rubin

Of late I have started  following Oprah’s channel OWN on Youtube. Super Soul Sunday, a show featuring short interviews of writers, bloggers, speakers, actors and people from different fields who talks about the values they have added to their lives to make it better.

Here is one such short video of Gretchen Rubin, an author, speaker and a ceaseless blogger. Gretchen shares the 4 secrets of adulthood

4 Secrets of Adulthood,

Secret 1:

People don’t notice your mistake as much as you do

I always thought people noticed my mistakes and I am sure they notice now and they will in future. What I am also confident is of the fact that they do notice but the intensity is much lesser than I assume.

What makes us think that people notice our mistakes? Well… its just that we don’t realize they are busy with their own lives and their own mistakes 🙂

Secret 2

It’s OK to ask for help

There are 2 sets of people. The ones who don’t need help but they seek out help for everything and the second is the one who needs help but doesn’t muster enough courage to ask.

I wondered what makes the later set of people hard to ask for help. Well, what I am missing out to say is the fact that I too belonged to second group once. Every time I needed help I realized I had to convince my mind to seek it from others. Maybe the fear of not being able to do it myself  or maybe the fear of others reaction. Among the two fears, the first one was there in every situation.

Earlier, help seeking was embarrassing, awkward. Now that I have some practice, I have turned into a shameless help seeker (unlike the 1st set of people) 🙂

Secret 3

Happiness doesn’t always make you feel happy

Gretchen Rubin talks about a man who looked after his ill father, how the man found happiness though he wasn’t happy instantly.

Satisfaction and being true to oneself also carries a deep happiness within. Yet again the intensities, magnitude and frequencies are different but the ultimate destination is the same.

Secret 4

What you do everyday matters more than what you do once in a while.

This secret tops the list for me. This is exactly what my uncle said when I studied rarely in my schooldays 🙂 and that;s exactly how everything else works. This reminds me of a beautiful quote, “Miracles happen everyday!”

To know more about Gretchen Rubin , follow her @

That was Gretchen Rubin’s 4 secrets of Adulthood which is practical. If you have found your secrets already or finding it now or yet to begin to search, whatever the status is, we would love to hear from you. Do share your thoughts below