15 Phrases You Will Never Hear Successful People Say – Motivational Videos

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Motivational Videos: 15 Phrases You Will Never hear successful people say! It is often very hard to make a segregation between successful and unsuccessful people. Although, we from inspire99 shall never accept those definitions, for the sake of simplicity – in this article, we shall look at a successful person as someone who reaches success […]

Making Friends As An Adult: Social Skills In The Making

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Making Friends as an Adult: Came across this beautiful video by Buzzfeed about making friends I believe this is a post for someone who has stepped out of college into the professional world and trying to rack their brains around the fact that life has become so different and complicated than it was during college. […]

4 Secrets of Adulthood- Gretchen Rubin

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Of late I have started  following Oprah’s channel OWN on Youtube. Super Soul Sunday, a show featuring short interviews of writers, bloggers, speakers, actors and people from different fields who talks about the values they have added to their lives to make it better. Here is one such short video of Gretchen Rubin, an author, speaker and a […]