I’d Rather Regret Things That I’ve Done Than Things I Have Not – Lucille Ball on Regrets

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I’d Rather Regret: “I’d Rather Regret The Things That I have Done Than The Things That I Have Not” – Lucille Ball A life without regrets! – How great that would be, right? I have often asked myself this question or rather professed that there should never be any regrets with what we have done […]

Don’t Ever Promise More Than You Can Deliver But Always Deliver More – Lou Holtz

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Dont Ever Promise: “Don’t Ever Promise More Than You Can Deliver But Always Deliver More Than You Promise – Lou Holtz” A promise is a word, an assurance or a declaration that something is going to happen and most times it means that we are going to make that something happen. Needless to say, a […]

If You Begin To Practice Forgiveness, It Has The Power Of The Drip Of Water..

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Practice Forgiveness! If you begin to practice forgiveness, it has the power of the drip of water that wears away the lake Lesley Garner Now, this is never an easy area to get to, it is never easy to forget someone who wronged you or pissed you off beyond redemption. But there is a question […]

The Sooner You Make Your Mistakes, The Sooner You Will Be Able To Correct Them: Kimon Nicolaides

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The sooner you make your Mistakes: I think by now, we have heard and also probably shared a lot of quotes on mistakes. You may even accuse us of talking about mistakes every so often and we are guilty of the same. But that is only because we can’t emphasise the importance of mistakes especially […]

Goals Are Not Only Necessary To Motivate Us, They Are Essential To Keep Us Alive : Robert Schuller

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To Keep Us Alive: “Goals are not only absolutely necessary to motivate us. They are essential to really keep us alive” Robert Schuller Well, we all lead a pretty tightly scheduled, ambitious life style – or I’d like to think most of us do. And these ambitions vary right from the perfect career, family, loved […]

Sometimes It Takes Losing Everything You Needed To Gain Everything You Ever Wanted!

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Sometimes it takes Losing: Who on earth likes to lose anything in life? It is such a horrible feeling, leaves you with an empty space and a lot of questions about ‘Would Have’, ‘Could Have’, ‘What If’ and so on.. I am at a slight conflict as we try and deconstruct this quote because I […]