10 Realistic Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes for Personal Triumph

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Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes: Ralph Waldo Emerson – the poet, lecturer and essayist has been mostly known for his words (Wikipedia, 2015). His words, philosophies and thoughts continue to linger even to this day and one cannot say enough about the impact they have on us. As an ode to this personality, we present you with […]

10 Powerful Time Management Quotes For Students, Practical Implications

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Time Management Quotes For Students The post concentrates on how a student can draw a parallel from the quotes. We are not going to go in too much detail as to how to manage time as we did that in our previous post, 10 Tricks For Absolute Mastery in Time Management. The post as the […]

Inspiring Mother Theresa Quotes And Their Meaning

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Inspiring Mother Theresa Quotes: Mother Theresa has been the symbol of kindness and empathy for ages and her words have always made us stop and think about others before being completely involved within ourselves. As we talk about the Mother Theresa quotes today, there are a plenty which come to our mind. Mother Theresa quotes […]

6 Highly Inspirational Quotes From Kumar Sangakkara

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As Kumar Sangakkara announces his retirement from test, it fills us with a whole lot of nostalgic memories. It takes us back to the times when we were rooting for India and Sangakkara stood between victory, just to frustrate the bowlers enough and deny them that. He has been a phenomenal cricketer and anything we […]

10 Glorious All Time Inspirational Independence Day Quotes

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Independence Day Quotes The day marks the 69th independence day and is certainly the one celebrated with every pomp and splendour it deserves. Today, we have a country, we have a freedom of thought and expression, we have a sense of security and the feel of not being alienated in one’s own land and as […]