Sushil Kumar: It is a matter of self respect!

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We have been hearing about Sushil Kumar and his victory at the common wealth games for some time now. It’s thrilling to know he took just 107 seconds to win over his opponent in the men’s freestyle 74kg category wrestling final. The two time Olympic medal winner has set an inspiring story for us. Humble […]

5 Inspiring Things About Micheal Jordon

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I have always been a great fan of Nike and it’s advertisements. I came across an inspiring video of  them featuring Micheal Jordan also called “Air Jordan”. Jordan is one of the greatest basketball player of all time. I like the the way the whole video is shot. We can relate to it very well […]

5 lessons from Steven Spielberg

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Steven Spielberg, One of the finest movie makers of all time. I haven’t found a single person who has seen his movie and not aprreciated his work. His maker of Schindler’s List,Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial,Jurassic Park,Jaws,Catch Me If You Can,… I can go on and on with the list. Here are […]

5 lessons for you from Germany’s world cup victory

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And the victor is Germany! It is funny how things pan out! Of all the predictions which claimed the Big names like Ronaldo, Messi and all the predictions where Germany didn’t outshine, it is finally the one who makes all the difference – The victors, the champs of world cup 2014 ! Here are 5 […]

The Lamborghini – Inspirational stories

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I was reading this story about how Lamborghini came to existence. Story courtesy – Inspirational Stories – Lamborghini Ferrucio belonged to a wealthy Italian family which made tractors. Like every rich person who loves to own a Ferrari, Ferrucio did own one and was not very happy with the design. Surprisingly enough, it did give […]