Sushil Kumar: It is a matter of self respect!

We have been hearing about Sushil Kumar and his victory at the common wealth games for some time now. It’s thrilling to know he took just 107 seconds to win over his opponent in the men’s freestyle 74kg category wrestling final. The two time Olympic medal winner has set an inspiring story for us.

Humble beginnings

He hailed from a very modest family, his father was a bus driver and mother was a housewife. He was inspired by his cousin to take up wrestling at a young age of 14. His cousin had to quit wrestling because the family could support only one wrestler. I was very surprised to know that we have a wrestler with a vegetarian diet. I never could imagine a wrestler who actually won a trophy on a vegetarian diet! Kudos indeed J.

Inspiration came at a young age!

He was inspired by his cousin to take up wrestling at a young age. He sailed through the tough times facing difficulties to afford for good shoes, training expenses and other basic necessities. It’s inspiring how the determination to pursue your passion makes you face all the difficulties and work harder.

It is a matter of Self Respect!

Sushil was offered a good few crores to throw oneself down in the world meet finals. That was a lot of money for him back then. He declined the offer and he says It was not a matter of two or four crores. Humari bhi izzat ki baat thi (It’s the matter of self respect!) It’s not only about the money, it’s about standing to your principles.

Sushil Kumar is a fan of Tendulkar!

Sushil talks about being a huge fan of Sachin Tendulkar and talks about the time when he spent with him and recalls his words fondly “’If you want to win another medal then stay as you are and don’t follow these people by doing the things they do”.

I think when we reach a certain stage, there are so many distractions around us that it becomes natural to try and be one among them, ape certain qualities which don’t completely belong to us. But something like this coming from a man of the heights of Tendulkar goes on to show how challenging it is to maintain that originality and why it is respected so much in life.

I guess there is a lot of inspiration behind a man who has done so much for the country and stands tall as a beacon of hope and hard work for us. Cheers to such men of the country!


Dreams, Angels and Demons!
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Do you always get what you deserve?

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How to stop judging people?





5 Inspiring Things About Micheal Jordon

I have always been a great fan of Nike and it’s advertisements. I came across an inspiring video of  them featuring Micheal Jordan also called “Air Jordan”. Jordan is one of the greatest basketball player of all time.

I like the the way the whole video is shot. We can relate to it very well as we do make such excuses in life. Maybe we call it as talent, luck or the god’s gift but as he says it’s all the excuses we are giving to ourselves.

Here are the 5 things about Jordan which surprised me, it might leave you surprised as well.

Jordan was rejected from his high school basketball team.

It feels so nice to know the successful people we see today were once rejected and they still made it so well. Shakira was rejected out of the choir group, Steven Spielberg was rejected out of the best film schools, J.K. Rowling was rejected by dozens of publishing houses and the greatest basketball player Jordan was also rejected by his school basketball team.

You have so many examples that assure you that rejections are part of every successful person. We were rejected or will be rejected some day, we need not leave our dreams on becoming what we love to become.

Michael-jordan“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”– Micheal Jordan

Image I and you going through the same, losing 9000 shots, 300 games. Would we still want to continue? Well, after seeing his  persistence we have to agree on trying again and again right?

“Whenever I was working out and got tired and figured I ought to stop, I’d close my eyes and see that list in the locker room without my name on it… that usually got me going again.”– Micheal Jordan

He practiced every day harder and harder. An hour before the game if you had to see Jordan, you would see him practicing.  He was known as the first person to get to the gym and last person to leave it.

No wonder why he is such a great player. He says when you can put in all your hard work you need not worry about the result.

“ Give me the pain. ” – Michael Jordan

Jordan once  suffered from an injury in his foot during a game. When asked if he wanted a special shoe to help protect the injury, he replied to  the training staff saying “give me the pain.” He went through a lot of pain but still continued playing.

The attitude to take  another step when your body says “I can’t” has brought tremendous flare of strength in great personalities.

Took a career change at the peek of his career.

I couldn’t believe this for an instance. Wasn’t he risking his career? Every move, every failure could have been speculated by millions of people but he made a decision to play baseball.

What an example for an imperishable self belief. It’s amazing to see how someone could risk his successful career by doing something which he had to start all over again. I guess sometimes it’s not only about success or  failure its more about challenging yourself and doing what you want to do in life.









5 lessons from Steven Spielberg


Steven Spielberg, One of the finest movie makers of all time. I haven’t found a single person who has seen his movie and not aprreciated his work. His maker of Schindler’s List,Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial,Jurassic Park,Jaws,Catch Me If You Can,… I can go on and on with the list.

Here are the 5 lessons we can learn from one of the finest motion picture maker.

Dream, dream big.
Spielberg struggled from dyslexia and couldn’t cope up with studies and was dropped out of school. He loved daydreaming and spent most of his time in his world of imagination. We can see it in his movies today. He dreamed of making movies and bringing his dreams into reality.
Dreams are your visual experience of seeing the desired future you want. They connect you to your inner self, they open up the possibilities, and they encourage you. Dream more and dream big, all your dreams will come true when you show up the courage to pursue.

Take one idea and make that your life.
After discovering his love for movie making he made a short film on world war 2 at the age of 12 and the by the age of 17 he had made 4 movies. He spent most of his teens working on his movies in his bedroom which he had converted as an editing room. He would find ever way to make a movie and work on it.

It takes a lot of self-involvement, struggle, passion and hard work to make an idea work.

You need not be an A grader to be successful.
Spielberg was rejected from the two best film schools, UCLA and USC for his poor grades.
An A grade would make things a little easy for you but it’s not the only thing which is going to help you. Most of the successful men is either a c grader or a school dropout. It’s not how much marks you score it’s about how much actually you learnt.

Stay hungry, stay foolish.
After his clerical internship job got over he would hung around every department watching movies being shot. Most often he was kicked out of the sets but he still continued doing it to learn. He wasn’t approved right away by the film makers, he was rejected many times. He still hung on to his beliefs and tried over and over again.
How many of us would go back to the same place after being embarrassed even after knowing how important it is to go again. The hunger for learning is what made him do it again and again. We all want to do that something which means so much to us but we hold ourselves back for either being rejected or embarrassed.

Rejections, failures are important parts of success
He had an 8mm film that he wanted the studio executives to watch. They said they would watch it if it was only 16mm film. He went back to them he was asked to come back with 35mm film. He worked on it again and went with the 35mm movie. The executives were impressed with his determination and relentless efforts. He has been rejected many times in his career but he still hung on to his dreams and tried over and over again.
We get irritated when people ask us to come up with minor changes. We wouldn’t really feel like working on the same old things again and again. We get rejected and we take it way too personally to even try again. It’s all a part of success. You can say it as the most important part. You got to work hard, work better even after dozens of rejections and failures to see your dream come true.

5 lessons for you from Germany’s world cup victory

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And the victor is Germany! It is funny how things pan out! Of all the predictions which claimed the Big names like Ronaldo, Messi and all the predictions where Germany didn’t outshine, it is finally the one who makes all the difference – The victors, the champs of world cup 2014 ! Here are 5 lessons we can derive from the outstanding victory

1) They knew what they were in for

The goal, the answer was as simple as that. They just had their eye and mind on one thing, the one thing that can make a difference and it was simply the goal. It is easy to be distracted by all the noise around us, that too with so many things happening. But the realization has to be what you are here for and if you are that focused on one thing, that one thing which makes a difference, is your concentration. It is like Swami Vivekananda said ” Take up one idea, make it your life, dream of it, live it. Let the brain, body, muscle, nerves, every fibre of your body be full of that idea and that is the gateway to success”

2) Seize all opportunities

The thought was simple, keep scoring at every moment you can. It was proved in the victory against Brazil, goals were being scored faster than pop corn would pop! A 7-1 win and that too against a formidable team like Brazil was no joke indeed. Opportunities are right there staring at us at every moment, if we don’t make the best of them someone else will, if we don’t take advantage of them, someone else will, if you don’t make the win, someone else definitely will! (Does opportunity knock more than once?)

3) Flexibility

It is great to have an original plan, but if that doesn’t work, be ready to flex, be ready to make a shift and take on the target. It is not in doing the same thing over and over again, it is insanity like Einstein defined – Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. The results are not going to be the same, you need to flex, you need to make a change. Ultimately what is important is not your plan, it is the goal, it is your dream and what you want to do.

4) Learning from the competition

This dates back to the history a bit, but it is the knowledge of all the earlier losses, the wins of the other teams, not just against them but against others. It sometimes slips our mind when we try to look past our failures or disappointments. But it does pay to look at them closely, in a way to understand what we can derive from it, how we can use it to our best advantage. It is not just about feeling sad about something that did not work out. It is about the purpose of that failure, what it was meant to give us as a message and what we make out of it. (Why I badly needed a failure?)

5) Never give up

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The competition will be daunting. There were big names, formidable opponents, teams that had their best foot forward and it did seem daunting. Not many expected this team to win, but it was the team which won, it was the understanding that it takes more than one person to reach that remarkable success. There is a lot of respect for the big giants of the game, but there is a lot more for the victor and that in this case is a team. Every success has a lot of people behind it, don’t give up on them, they will be there to chide you, to make fun of you, to give you a shoulder to cry on but as long as you don’t give up, the people around you won’t.


The Lamborghini – Inspirational stories

I was reading this story about how Lamborghini came to existence. Story courtesy –

the story of lamborghini, how lamborghini came to existence, inspirational stories

Inspirational Stories – Lamborghini

Ferrucio belonged to a wealthy Italian family which made tractors. Like every rich person who loves to own a Ferrari, Ferrucio did own one and was not very happy with the design. Surprisingly enough, it did give him constant troubles. Deciding to take the matter into his own hands, he tried to fix it and realized it had a machinery similar to his tractors and went ahead to discuss the problem with the Ferrari Owners. Like every big company which doesn’t take a small one seriously Ferrari owners shunned him and their exact words were “Lamborghini, you may be able to drive a tractor but you will never be able to handle a Ferrari Properly“. Well this is what happens when you abuse a rich powerful man with talent or rather this is what happens when you abuse a man with passion and a gut to prove people wrong. And the rest is history – Lamborghini now tops the car lists, known to be among the most sought after cars in the world. 

Now the question is what it tells us?! Well the literal solution is that we take our Honda or Volkswagen cars to their respective showrooms and tell them that they are rubbish. The problem is – I wouldn’t know how to explain why and I am certainly not talented enough to build a new car or a new company which produces a fleet of cars. But here is what I can certainly try and take away from it.


To know what it takes to make something and make it happen are two different things. It is often said that expertise is an easier skill, if you do not have one, you can always find one or hire one. There are lots of experts and brilliant people around and you don’t have to be the smartest to achieve. But you do have to know that something, that something which takes you there to the winner’s circle – It is the belief in yourself, the belief in your idea and the belief that you are going to make it happen no matter what. That takes you a long way.


How many of us would actually go and give this answer to a Honda or a Maruti? Forget Ferrari?! I know that I wouldn’t! The max  I would do is crib about it a bit and then come back, probably write a scathing letter and that is it. But what Ferrucio did was extraordinary. He turned an irritation, an annoyance to an achievement. And that is sheer attitude. I think millions of things happen to us and a lot of them bother us too. But the question is what we do about it!

The will to make it happen

I have felt the same too. In the fit of my range, I have told myself that I should find a way to sink the other company and come up with a product so good that it is going to leave the other in dumps. But there was something amiss in that – YES! The will to make it happen. I think we need to differentiate between the sudden upsurge of an emotion and the will to make a difference. Cos the latter takes effort, it takes your blood and sweat and if you are as committed as it needs, then there is nothing to stop you.

Responding to the criticism constructively

How do you respond to criticism? What do you do when someone says you can’t do something? Shout at them? Tell them how big a fool they are? Punch them in the nose? I guess Ferrucio could have done all that and still gotten away. But he did something special with it, something even more extraordinary. He converted that into a construction and made something out of it. The first few things are the easiest to do and naturally ephemeral, but the one that lasts takes that little bit of extra effort 🙂

Making the difference

lamborghini story, inspirational stories, motivation

The whole attitude is about making a difference! Lots  of things happen to us and we let go of them for various reasons. Sometimes we say that it is not worth it, sometimes we are just too tired and the other times we feel helpless. We can feel anything and everything we want but the decision to make a difference does go a long way in defining the results.

That is the story of Ferrucio from tractors to one of the most sophisticated cars in the world – Lamborghini! – inspirational stories in their own essence!